BAMMA MMA TV report: Multiple titles on the line

By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

BAMMA has four fights booked for the main card, but are only airing two live- Jason Jones versus Max Nunes for the inaugural BAMMA light heavyweight title and Jim Wallhead versus Eddy Ellis for the inaugural BAMMA welterweight title. Jones/Nunes is main, Wallhead/Ellis co-main. Three of the four main card fights are title fights.  The idea is that the other two main card fights, Curt Warburton/
Mansour Barnaoui (BAMMA lightweight title) and Colin Fletcher/Tim Newman will be aired on tape delay if there's time after the two live title fights.

TV hosts are O.J Borg and Frank Trigg, announcers  are Trigg and Ken Shamrock

First up is Wallhead/Ellis, Wallhead is the big favourite coming into this one, and has BAMMA wins over former UFC guys Trigg, Joey Villaseñor and Matt Veach. He's also a former three time under 21 UK Judo champion. Ellis fought once for StrikeForce, in 2008 on the infamous Tacoma Dome show featuring Bob Sapp.

Jimmy Wallhead (24-7) Vs. Eddy Ellis (18-15-1-1NC): BAMMA welterweight title

Round one: Both reluctant to commit for the first half of the first round, Wallhead then landed two good right hooks standing after which Ellis managed to secure the takedown and avoid being finished. Ellis is bleeding a significant amount from his mouth due to the aforementioned Wallhead punches. Ellis had Wallhead's back in a tripod position, with Wallhead carrying all of Ellis's weight for the last half of the round. Round over, not much action, both guys in the feeling out mindset. Walllhead's round 10-9.

Round two: Not much action again, just a tame kick-boxing fight. Wallhead landed another good right hook earl in the round, other than that nothing doing. Ellis secured another takedown with thirty seconds left but Wallhead scrambled back to his feet immediately. Wallhead landed a solid left-right hook combo that rocked Ellis, Wallhead couldn't follow up though. Round over, 10-9 for Wallhead again.

Round three: Fight is only three rounds, so Ellis needs a stoppage.  Wallhead showing good boxing for a Judo black dan. Not much action again, Wallhead landed some good shots standing, particularly right hooks, but not good enough to go for the finish. Round over, not a great fight but not awful either. Should be Wallhead's round 10-9.

29-28, 28-29, 30-27 via split decision for Ellis, this is absurd. Elli becomes the first ever BAMMA welterweight champion.  I have absolutely no idea how the judges could've scored this fight this way. Ellis lost a tooth in the first round, and may've broken his jaw, hence the blood in the first round.

Next up is the main event, Max Nunes versus Jason Jones for the BAMMA light heavyweight title. Due to the house lights being down, it's hard to guess the attendance, though the house lights being down is probably a sign in itself. I'd guess no more than 6,000 in attendance, which is about half capacity of the 12,000 seat NIA Arena. BAMMA needs to be book smaller venues.

Next up if Nunes/Jones. Jones has fought once before in BAMMA, a win over Przemyslaw Mysiala at BAMMA 10 in May 2010. He fought Mauricio Rua in 2009, losing via second round TKO. Nunes is a UK event veteran, fighting for BAMMA and Ultimate Challenge MMA, with over seven fights in the UK and now fights out of the UK after being born in Sweden.

Main event: Max Nunes (10-0) versus Jason Jones (19-10) for the vacant BAMMA light heavyweight title

Round one: Jones backed Nunes up with strikes against the fence, then got the double-leg and straight into side-control. Jones briefly got the mount, Nunes then got back to half-guard.  Both guys grappling, Jones getting the better of it. Both guys back to standing. Much like the first fight, not much action. Round over, 10-9 for Jones.

Round two: Jones got the leg-trip takedown, Nunes got to full guard. Jones looking to land elbows from guard, managed to land one and cut Nunes' head. Jones sunk-in an arm-triangle choke and Nunes was forced to tap. interestingly, Jones got the choke and moved to side-control, then moved back to mount and then got the tap. This is Nunes first loss (he has one amateur loss). Jones was the underdog coming in, and  becomes the first BAMMA light heavyweight champion. Time of the arm-triangle submission was 3:50, round two.

Scheduling appears to be going fine, with two tape-delay fights yet to be aired with about fifty minutes of air-time left.

Next up is the tape-delayed Tim Newman versus Colin Fletcher.

Fletcher is coming of a stint in the UFC and a run on The Ultimate Fighter, losing both of his UFC fights via decision to Norman Parke and Mike Ricci. Newman has fought three times before for BAMMA, winning one, losing two.

Lightweight bout: Tim Newman (10-3) versus Colin Fletcher (8-3)

Round one; Fletcher landed a hard straight left that dropped Newman, however Newman almost applied an armbar as soon as Fletcher followed up but Fletcher  defended and got free, great exchange. Both back standing. Fletcher landed another straight right that dropped Newman again, this time Newman looked for a triangle choke off his back against the fence but again Fletcher defended. Round ended with Fletcher looks for ground and pound against the fence. Great first round of action.  10-9 for Fletcher.

Round two; Newman got the takedown within thirty seconds, Fletcher with a great sweep though and reversed entirely to get North-South position, then to side-control. Fletcher couldn't do anything though, looking but failing to land any big shots from side-control. Fletcher went for a arm-triangle but Newman defend well. Newman managed to apply an armbar but couldn't finish. Round over, a great round of ground fighting with Fletcher defending a triangle choke whilst on his back. Could go either way, likely slightly in favour of Fletcher, 10-9.

Just got word from someone on press row at the event that the attendance number is estimated at 4,000.

Round three; Fletcher got the takedown and straight into side-control. Fletcher looking for the arm-triangle, Newman defends well and Fletcher back to controlling from side-control. Newman active off his back, though mostly defending. Round over, not much action with Fletcher in side-control for the majority of the round as Newman defended. 10-9 for Fletcher.

All three judges have it 30-27 for Fetcher.

Next up is Curt Warburton versus Mansour Barnaoui for the vacant BAMMA lightweight title. Warburton fought three times in the UFC, losing two and winning one and is undefeated in all three of his previous BAMMA fights. Barnaoui turns 21 in six days' time.  Warburton is the heavy favourite.

BAMMA lightweight championship: Curt Warburton (12-3) Vs. Mansour Barnaoui

Round one: Warburton got the double-leg takedown within thirty seconds, but Barnaoui scrambled quickly. Barnaoui partially landed a flying knee but couldn't follow up and  Warburton recovered. Barnaoui lured Warburton into a his fight, a slug-fest. Barnaoui finished Warburton with ground and pound after landing hammerfists whilst having Warburton's back. Referee stopped the fight at 4:08 for Mansour Barnaoui who becomes the BAMMA lightweight champion.

The next BAMMA event, BAMMA 14, takes place on December 14th and features the promotional return of Paul Daley, who last week signed an a deal with the company that makes him exclusive in the UK to BAMMA, in the main event. No opponent has been signed yet.

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