Inside MMA TV report -Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman, Glover, Barnett

***This week, Anderson Silva talks everything Chris Weidman, while Weidman explains the conspiracy theories about his win over Silva.  Glover Teixeira talks growing up on a farm and how the Jones-Gustafsson fight has affected his strategy for Jones, and UFC gets a minor victory over New York.


Plus, the weight cutting debate is addressed, and Josh Barnett talks fighting a tall opponent like Travis Browne, his movie career, and Magic the Gathering!  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA LIVE!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, October 4 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Maia


They replay the clip from Shields where he stated Maia is the first guy he’s fought where he actually has to worry about being submitted, and also his desire to show off his jiu-jitsu against Maia and prove that American Jiu-Jitsu is better than BJJ.


Bas says Jake’s key to victory is to use his wrestling to get Maia on the ground and try to stay in half guard and go for ground and pound.  He doesn’t expect a submission, but he didn’t in the Mir-Nogueira fight either so you never know.


Maia should try to keep it standing, since his striking is better than Shields.  If it does go to the ground, he needs to be on top.  Go for ground and pound to set up a submission by mixing in strikes.


Ron Kruck with Chris Weidman


The seven city press tour for Weidman-Silva is going on as we speak.  Kruck spoke with Weidman on tour.  It is almost surreal to accomplish such a specific goal in beating Anderson Silva for the belt.  This was something he decided from the beginning of his MMA quest years ago.


Kruck asks Weidman about the conspiracy theories and criticism of the win, as if Silva threw the fight or only lost because of the showboating.  Weidman says that’s not frustrating, it’s just exciting to have the opportunity to go back and prove the doubters wrong.  He figures that since Silva was on top for so long, it’s hard for people to accept him losing so they come up with these interpretations of the victory.


He’s not going to change much in training camp, the only thing that is different is he is not injured, like he was before.  He’s just as confident as before, he doesn’t want to be overconfident going in.  He expects a war and expects to get hit and go through tough times.


Since becoming champ, he’s been more busy, with people coming up to him with different ideas so he puts up a ‘shield’ up to keep his real friends closer to him.  He thinks some people probably think angry Anderson Silva will make dead meat of him, while others might think he can do it again, but that is what makes this exciting.  He only knows he’s going for the finish and not holding back.


Global MMA Highlights


--Glory 10 from Ontario had Joe Schilling over Kengo Shimizu and Artem Levin in a one-night tournament to win $150,000

--Showdown Fights from Orem, UT had Clay Collard  over Justin Bucholz

From Poland

--KSW from Poland, had national hero Mariusz Pudzianowski over UFC veteran Sean McCorkle with some punches and a series of bull-like takedowns for a unanimous decision.

--NAFC had Sergio Pettis over James Porter


Sergio Pettis signs with UFC


The younger brother of UFC champ Anthony, and his 9-fight win streak and RFA Flyweight championship, will make his Octagon debut at UFC 167 in November 16 against Brit Vaughn Lee in Las Vegas.  He told IMMA he’s been really amped to achieve this dream a full year before he had hoped.


UFC vs. New York


In trying to overturn the “ban” on MMA, the UFC has found a judge, Kimble Wood, to try the idea that the UFC has adequately alleged that New York’s ban is unconstitutional and vague, stemming from the fact that amateur MMA is legal, while professional MMA is not. 


This is the only factor of legal merit they have so far in their legal war with New York.  Jason Cruz from joins us on the phone and says if the UFC wins this case based around this “unconstitutionally vague” argument, the court would strike down the law that bans MMA, but it doesn’t mean that a MMA legal regulatory law would automatically be put in its place.  The UFC would then turn to Albany for help to set up regulation in New York.


Bas Rutten with Glover Teixeira


The top contender to Jon Jones’ belt joins Bas on the balcony of the Nokia plaza, and Bas says how he’s wanted to meet him for a long time.  Glover didn’t think Jones would’ve had as tough a time as he did with Gustafsson.  He thought Jones would’ve taken him down quicker and had his way with him.


Glover’s style is to fight in close with his boxing and wrestling, so will be very different from Gustafsson as an opponent.


Glover grew up on a farm in Brazil, and didn’t start martial arts until he was 20 and had moved to Connecticut.  He was on the wrestling team in 2009 and was a two time champion of Brazil.  He is a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ too.  Glover likes all martial arts and to compete in anything.  Wrestling is his passion as for his competitive drive.  He likes that tournament style, but not for MMA.


Bader’s connected punch to his jaw doesn’t stick out for him, and it wasn’t the first time he’s been stunned.  You just need to learn how to deal with those situations by being calm, but he is always confident in himself.  He doesn’t just become unleashed in that scenario.


Michael Bisping Injury and its effects


Bisping pulled out of his October 26 fight with Mark Munoz due to a detached retina suffered in training.  Contrary to reports he did not have emergency surgery and he is doing alright.  He is very upbeat and told IMMA that it is healing great and will return to the UFC in a few months.  He apologizes to Dana, Munoz, and everyone who bought a ticket, and calls his injury as Christmas coming early for Munoz.


With Bisping out, Lyoto Machida steps in and faces his former partner Mark Munoz.  With Machida stepping out for the main event, SF veteran, Tim Kennedy will now face Rafael Natal on November 6 for UFC Fight Night.  Kennedy launched a comedic campaign on Twitter when Machida was first yanked vowing to kill one unicorn everyday until they get him a new opponent.


Yushin Okami released


UFC veteran Okami was cut this past week following his rapid loss to Jacare Souza.  Kenny talks about the top quality of opponents despite his firing, and is already talking with WSOF. (UFC isn’t a government regulated board and are not obligated to keep anyone under contract no matter how highly ranked they are.  Okami created zero interest with anyone other than his friends and family and he posed zero threat to a championship.)


Anderson Silva Uncensored


Ron Kruck spoke with the former champ during the UFC Press tour, where he said you have to pick things up from that moment and keep going.  Things haven’t changed in his life since losing, but he is a normal guy now.  Following that fight he went back home and went back into training.  He says he didn’t change his mind about not wanting a title fight, since he has a UFC contract with 9 more fights, so that’s the fight they gave him.  (Wow, I guess he didn’t change his mind and he had nothing to do with getting a rematch … yeah right.)


Silva says he wasn’t careless in this fight by keeping his hands down, that’s how he fights, “this is me.”  People watch him for years and he doesn’t need to change the way he fights this fight.  This is his style, this is him.


As for the talk about him throwing the fight, he sighs and then makes a long beep sign as if he would have to be censored if he said how he feels about those accusations, and that people talk too much.  But those people don’t see the months of training he puts in and everything he puts in to fighting.  He’ll be stronger mentally and physically for this next fight.  He says he has the Jedi secret now with a big smile and laugh.


He doesn’t look at Weidman’s victory as a fluke.  God give him the chance to change his life for fighters like Weidman.  Chris is a good guy with a family and dreams, so he is the new champion and people need to respect Chris like he does.  (Anderson seems more relaxed than normal and he seems relieved to not be champ anymore.  I predict another job for Silva and he’s fine with that.)  Bas predicts he will not plant his feet and move back, which is how he got KO’d.  Other than that Anderson will do what he normally does.


The Final Bell: Weight Cutting


Following the tragic death of a Brazilian fighter while cutting weight, his trainer stated his death came from a CVA due to a blood pressure drop, that might’ve been due to something pre-existing so they cannot attribute the death with cutting weight.


In response to this, Bas says how many boxers, wrestlers, fighters, have cut weight over the years and no one attributed a death to that, so Bas doesn’t believe the weight cutting is what did it.  He believes it was due to something else.


In an effort to make weight cutting easier and more gradual, New Jersey is proposing a rule that would require the fighter to be within 10% of the goal weight 30 days before the fight, within 5% 7 days before the fight, and a 1lb allowance the day of the fight.  Bas points out the big flaw in that is when there is an injury replacement less than 30 days before the fight.


Marc Ratner says he would like to change the culture of fighters with guys who show up weighing 175 pounds on a Monday for a 155 fight on the weekend.  Bas says always keep your body happy, which is why he fought at heavyweight when he was a natural 205.  As they say your body can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.  Dehydrating is never good for your body.


Friday Finishes


--Kyle Parmley finished Ash Vallance with a straight knee uppercut to the jaw at XFC Australia.

--Tony Sims finished Mitchell Hale with a looping right behind the ear, at the Prize Fighting Championships.

--Jarome Hatch  finished Ben Robinson with a series of punches at Showdown Fights in Orem, UT.

--Jay Silva finished Michal Materla with some great uppercuts from KSW Poland

--Borys Mankowski finished Ben Lagman with punches, also at KSW Poland.


Josh Barnett LIVE


Barnett joins them on the set.  He fights Travis Browne in December underneath Weidman-Silva and Rousey-Tate.  It’s a big opportunity for him since Browne is an up and comer hoping to show his win over Overeem wasn’t a flash in the pan.  Barnett is used to taller, bigger, fighters, as he fought Semmy Schilt twice in Japan.


It’s been great being back in the UFC and would like to finish out in the UFC going out on top with 10 pounds of gold.  It’s not how you start it’s how you finish and he has plenty more to do.


His relationship with Dana is as good as it could be, but Dana is very busy so they don’t have a lot of time to interact anyway.


Despite fighting around Christmas time, he is used to having to skip major holidays and birthdays from working in Japan for so long.  In the end he doesn’t need an excuse or special day to tell his family he loves them and be good to his friends.  Every day is good enough for that.


They show a graphic of Barnett finishing 85% of his fights, while Browne has finished 87% of his.  Barnett is quick to point out that Barnett has had more than twice the fights of Browne, and those are just the ones that are sanctioned and legal.


He is shooting a movie in LA right now called “Chuck Hate and the San Diego Twins” from some popular indie directors who also did “Coldwater”.




Barnett recently appeared in a PSA in Japan against littering, which showed Barnett littering and a mannequin of “Black Dynamite” lecturing him and then proceeding to beat Barnett senseless and dumping a garbage can on him.


Teixeira-Glover Q&A


--Glover:  Are you shaping your MMA style to resemble Mike Tyson, since you are a fan?

Glover says he’s a big fan, but he’s not trying to box like him.  He’s just trying to possess his style of finishing fights.


--Barnett:  How can you remain injury-free as a long-time veteran, and would you like to be a commentator/co-host one day?

Josh says he doesn’t want Bas’ job but if the need arises he is always available to help out those he’s been friends with as long as he has with Bas.  As for staying injury-free he credits “a lot of lube”.


--Glover:  After seeing Jones get the decision, do you feel you have to finish Jones now?

Glover says he will always try to finish his opponent and knock him out.


--Barnett:  Explain your playing of Magic the Gathering.

Barnett explains the fantasy card game that he plays and puts it over as a fun and nerdy activity, but also a strategic exercise.  He says some people play poker for this sort of thing, but he’d rather attack you with a dragon or a vampire.


Upcoming MMA shows

--Oct 11 Legacy 24 (Leonard Garcia vs. Kevin Aguilar)

--Oct 12 CFA 12

--Oct 18, XFC 26 (Hot Sauce Holtzman © vs. Roger Carroll)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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