John LaRocca on why you should watch Fallon Fox vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith from Saturday

If you have not seen the Fallon Fox vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith from this past Saturday from CFA, I highly recommend it. Many expected (including myself) that Fox would win this fight.  I though she was too strong and had a bit more experience.  Fox came out to heat from the crowd, while Evans-Smith was the overwhelming crowd favorite.  Round 1 was nuts.  Back and forth action.

Evans-Smith dominated the round early with her wrestling, but then Fox caught her with some real nasty knees to the face.  It looked like Fox was going to win this here, but Evans-Smith composed herself and survived. Late in the round, Evans-Smith went for a takedown, but Fox reversed it into a nice omaplata. That was a sick spot. 

Round 2 was wild because Evans-Smith had control most of the round.  She was on top and delivering ground and pound toward the end of the round.  The bell rang, but the crowd was so loud the referee did not hear it. Bell rang again, but Evans-Smith thought she won.  Her corner ran in and they celebrated, but the referee said the round just ended. The crowd was going nuts and then finally when they heard it was going into another round, the crowd kept the energy up.  Finally, in Round 3, Evans-Smith got the takedown and ground and pound and the referee called it.  

This was a great fight, easily one of the best women's fights of the year. I would say possibly second best, obviously behind Pennigton and Duke from this past week's TUF. 
John LaRocca 

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