John LaRocca talks seven reasons to order the Bellator PPV on 11/2

One Saturday, November 2nd, Bellator MMA is going to put on their very first Pay Per View event.  After years of growing the brand, finally hooking up with a highly visible network in Spike TV, Bellator is testing the PPV market.   Bellator joins an over saturated PPV market.  Between the UFC, WWE and Boxing, everyone is trying to get you to spend your hard earned money on their event.   To most viewers, we pick and choose what we order.  We don't buy them all, but try and pick which event we will get the most value for our dollar.   In my opinion, Bellator MMA PPV is worth your time and money.  
I always like to see historic events.  It has been a joy seeing Bellator MMA come up from starting on ESPN Deportes in 2008 to Spike TV this year.  Over these years, Bellator MMA has put on a great product mixed with future champions, top prospects and respected veterans.  Bellator focused on tournaments that really separated them from the rest of the MMA promotions.   Now, Bellator is putting on their first PPV.  Unlike other promotions, Bellator MMA is a not a fly by night.  They are co-owned by a media conglomerate Viacom.  So unlike Affliction and the other here and gone tomorrow MMA promotions, Bellator has Viacom who is experience in putting on and marketing ppvs.
6) Cheick Kongo versus Spartan Queiroz for the Season 9 Heavyweight Tournament Final.
Bellator hosted a four man Heavyweight Tournament on October 4th.   Both Kongo and Spartan ripped through their opponents.  It only took Spartan 23 seconds to KO the always tough Lavar Johnson to advance to the finals.  Kongo looked like the old Kongo in getting the TKO victory over Mark Godbeer with some nasty knees.  Kongo and Spartan are in position to open the PPV and give an exciting KO to open the show.  Expect someone to get their lights put out.
5) Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith on Play by Play.
I love Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan from the UFC.  They do a great job, but in my opinion, there is no better then Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith from Bellator.  After each and every Bellator event, I always learn something new from both Wheelock and Smith.  From striking to grappling, Wheelock and Smith educate you through each and every match.  Just last Friday, Smith talked about the subtle hip war on the ground that Patricio Pitbull and Fabricio Guerrerio displayed during their fight.   Wheelock and Smith always bring you deeper into the fight.
4) King Mo versus Emanuel Newton for the Interim Light Heavyweight Championship
We all like a grudge match and this is the official grudge match on the card.  Emanuel Newton shocked the world when he defeated King Mo with a beautiful spinning back fist that KO'd the tournament favorite King Mo.   With Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Attila Vegh on the shelf the with an injury,  Emanuel Newton the Season 8 Tournament winner and King Mo, the Summer Series Tournament winner will compete for the interim title.  King Mo wants to revenge this loss in the worst way.  King Mo's promos leading to this fight have been fantastic and I expect a lot of fireworks between these two.  Newton is no push over.  I have followed his career for awhile and probably was one of the few who thought he could defeat Mo.  I was surprised when it happened and I won't surprised if he is able to do it again at the PPV.
3) Rampage Jackson versus Tito Ortiz
This is the featured main event and Bellator is getting a lot of flack for it.  Why?  How can you give Bellator flack for headlining their first PPV with two fighters who names are recognized by the casual fans.  People know who Rampage and Tito are.   Rampage and Tito know they are in the main event position to draw new fans for Bellator.  They are in the main event position to put new eyes on great fighters like Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez, Pat Curran and King Mo.    No matter their recent record,  Rampage and Tito are coming to put on an entertaining show.  They never disappoint.
2) Bellator Featherweight Champion Pat Curran versus Daniel Straus
Michael Chandler steals all the headlines, but Pat Curran is probably the best fighter in Bellator.   Pat Curran has only lost once in Bellator and ever since he won the Featherweight title, he has been unstoppable.  Curran game is well rounded from his stand-up to his ground game.   His opponent is Daniel Straus.  Straus a grinder.  He is not a lay and pray fighter, he brings it to you in each and every round.  This has all the makings for an exciting fight.  You have Curran's fantastic all around game against Straus who just comes forward.  I think this fight has the potential to steal the show.
1) Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler versus Edde Alvarez
This is a rematch of one of the best fights in MMA history and easily the best fight in Bellator's short history.  Look up on Youtube for Chandler versus Alvarez from November 19th, 2011 and enjoy.   This is the real main event of the pay per view.  Both Chandler and Alvarez are two of the very best lightweights in MMA today.  Chandler is a phenomenal wrestler with great punching power.  Alvarez is a tough veteran who always puts on exciting fights.   It is cliche, but this fight alone is worth the price of admission. 
Those are my seven reasons of why you should buy the Bellator PPV on Saturday, November 2nd.   Bellator MMA is going all out for this event.  Putting their biggest stars (Chandler, Curran, King Mo, and Alvarez) on this PPV.  Plus, they are giving a fun fight between two of the biggest names in MMA history.   From watching Bellator MMA, they always strive to put on the best cards for their fans.  Bellator never disappoints when it comes to delivering MMA action.   Give this PPV a chance.  You won't regret it.
John LaRocca  

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