BAMMA report 12-14 Birmingham, England w/ Paul Daley

 By Matthew Singh Dosanjh


December 14th

LG Arena, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


Presenters are OJ Borg and Frank Trigg, main event is Paul Daley versus Romario Manoel Da Silva at welterweight, with a co-main event of Mansour Barnaoui defending his BAMMA lightweight championship against former Ultimate Fighter contender Colin Fletcher. The main card is comprised of three fights in total.

First up is Jimmy Wallhead versus Florent Betorangal. Wallhead is a UFC-calibre fighter

Welterweight division, Florent Betorangal(14-8) Vs. Jimmy Wallhead(24-8)

Round one; Betorangal swinging big early, can't land anything though. Betorangal lands a big over-hand right that has Wallhead backing up against the fence, Wallhead recovered though. Striking battle thus far, Betorangal getting the better of the exchanges. Wallhead partially lands an over-hand right. Wallhead gets the big double-leg, Betorangal gets back to his feet quickly though. Clinching against the fence. Round over, likely Wallhead's round due to the takedown.

Round two; Wallhead with the takedown as Betorangal tries to land some punching combos . Not much action as Wallhead looks to work for an opening on the ground in Betorangal's half-guard. Betorangal defending well off his back. Very little action in the round, referee Marc Goddard should've stood them up by now. Round over, not much action, Wallhead's round.

Round three; Betorangal needs a stoppage. Wallhead tries an over-hand right and transitions into a double-leg,  lifts Betorangal up and slams him, knocking Betorangal unconscious. Finish came at 0:30 into the round. Watching the replay, it wasn't so much of a slam as it was Wallhead dropping Betorangal and him landing on his head, not quite Quinton Jackson/Ricardo Arona.

Next up is  Mansour Barnaoui versus Colin Fletcher for the BAMMA lightweight title. Fletcher apparently wanted to make his entrance on a horse, but health and safety rules forbid him from doing so. He's instead making his entrance in a child's car(?)Mansour Barnaoui is just 21 years old.

BAMMA lightweight championship, Mansour Barnaoui(c)(10-2) versus Colin Fletcher(9-3)

Round one; Both stand an exchange from the start, Barnaoui drops Fletcher with a right straight, Fletcher able to scramble and recover to his feet. Both clinching and throwing punches ala Frye/Takayama. Fletcher getting the worse of the exchanges. Fletcher drops Barnaoui with a right, looked like it was over but Barnaoui recovered. Fletcher now working for a D'Arce choke, can't get it and Barnaoui reverses to get Fletcher's back. Barnaoui has a body-triangle and working for the rear-naked. Barnaoui gets the choke and Fletcher taps. Barnaoui retains his title in a crazy one-round fight, both guys dropped each other before tap out. Finish came at 4:00.

Next up is the main event, Paul Daley versus Romario Manoel Da Silva. No idea on the attendance number, but my guess would be no more than 3,000 in the 15,000 capacity arena, and even that may be generous.

Main event, welterweight division, Paul Daley(33-13-2) versus Romario Manoel Da Silva(23-11-1)

Round one; Both guys standing and engaging in a kick-boxing fight early. Daley looking to land leg kicks. Da Silva not checking the leg kicks at all. Da Silva throwing big looping rights. Not much action. Round over, not much action at all, likely Daley's round due to the leg kicks. Da Silva hasn't shown anything in the stand up aside from the wild looping rights which didn't come close to connecting.

Round two; Another great leg kick by Daley within twenty seconds, again not checked by Da Silva. Another leg kick by Daley. Daley knocked Da Silva out cold with an uppercut against the fence before which Daley had tagged Da Silva a few times. Not much action in the fight until the finish. Daley desperately needs to fight a decent opponent, he hasn't fought anyone of note since losing to Kazuo Misaki in March 2012 in StrikeForce and is consistently being booked against inferior competition, likely purposely so too. Finish came at 1:42.


By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh.

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