Bellator press conference notes: Rampage Jackson, Bjorn Rebney

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Bjorn Rebney: "February 28th on Spike, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Christian M'Pumbu face off in round one. Mikhail Zayats takes on King Mo Lawal. It is the deepest most competitive tournament we've ever done at light heavyweight." He also announces that the event is at the Mohegan Sun.

Rampage Jackson: "Bellator has the toughest tournament on the planet and you know that you're the champion if you win this thing. I'm fin' to come and take over it and get that belt. I'm in it to win it. I think I'm facing a-Boo-Boo, and that's what I'm going to make him do, boo boo all over himself."

Jackson believes that M'Pumbu is a legit threat despite being on a two fight win streak, that it probably makes him more dangerous if anything, and that M'Pumbu shouldn't take it personally he can't pronounce his name, because he's just trying to entertain the fans.

Rebney indicated that Curran vs. Strauss III was an opportunity they couldn't resist, but that immediate rematches won't always happen, it will be a case by case basis. He also feels that GSP doesn't owe the fans or UFC anything - everybody should be thankful they got to watch him fight over the last ten years. "He's been the de facto ambassador for our sport at a high level for a very long time."

Rebney says that Alvarez vs. Chandler III will be a PPV event, but the date hasn't been finalized yet. "Sometimes guys just match up stylistically that they can't help but give you magic inside the cage. It's going to be an amazing fight - I could not be more excited." Price point also to be determined.

Rebney has no idea if or when Tito Ortiz will come back. "It's an unsettling conversation to have a specialist tell you that with the right kind of blow to the neck or spine paralysis could result. The concern is still there but just like any kind of injury he may be able to come back from it. Right now there isn't a definitive answer on when he could come back." Also Hardee's/Carl's Jr. will be doing a promotion with Bellator nationwide and handing out coupons at the first four live events this year - 40 ounce cups. Rampage: "I like that. Their burgers are goooood!"

Rebney on Ortiz DWI: "I hope he can put that behind him. Thankfully nobody including himself was injured in the situation. It's a serious issue, it's not a joke, it's something we take seriously and everybody should take seriously."

Jackson: "I enjoyed the holidays, and the holidays enjoyed me! I want to be the type of fighter who stays in the gym year round, I'm looking for that discipline."

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