Inside MMA TV report: Cormier and Cummins go at it, Tito gives up Cyborg, Horsewomen

***This week, the Four Horsewomen invade the IMMA set, and Daniel Cormier and Patrick Cummins have their 2nd verbal battle of the week!  Phil Davis talks the Jon Jones fight being in jeopardy plus Cris Cyborg news and Lorenzo Fertitta talks the Culinary Union and the biggest obstacle to international expansion.  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, February 14 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


Machida vs. Mousasi (Dream vs. UFC)


UFC Fight Night 56 takes place this weekend from Jaragua Do Sul, Brazil, featuring former Dream Light Heavyweight champ, Gegard Mousasi vs. former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, at 185.


Bas Rutten’s Keys to Victory

--Machida vs. Mousasi


Bas says Lyoto needs to do what he always does.  Stay out of reach and counter.  Add a few new offensive moves since Mousasi might be expecting the usual.


Mousasi needs to do what he does best too, but watch the counters of Lyoto and always come forward, and even go for the knockout.


--Jacare Souza vs. Lamont Carmont


Jacare needs to use his new and improved striking skills to set up takedowns.  Carmont is good on the ground, but Jacare will be better and has fought better competition.


Carmont needs to stay on the balls of his feet, lots of movement, strike and cut angles after every combination, and if it does go to the ground, get in the guard ASAP.


Tito Ortiz leaves Cyborg


Ortiz is no longer the manager of Cris Cyborg citing his relationship with Dana White as a reason that has kept Cyborg from getting a deal with the UFC.  He still considers her the best female fighter in the world, so he felt it best to step away.


Gilbert Melendez jumps to Bellator?


Gilbert Melendez agreed to a multi-fight deal with Bellator that the UFC has the right to match.


Daniel Cormier vs. Patrick Cummins on Inside MMA


They recap how Rashad Evans out, and anther decorated amateur wrestler in Patrick Cummins, is in.  Cummins joins us on set alongside Bas and Kenny.  And then Mr. Cormier joins us on the big screen!


Cormier describes this fight as “a fight.  It’s better than nothing.”  Cormier says he can beat him anywhere which is what’s great about this situation.  Cummins can’t beat him in a fight, wrestling match, or even at jiu-jitsu.  He’ll decide where this fight takes place and it’s a comfortable position to be in.


Cummins jokes about them being ‘Valentines’ and DC doesn’t laugh.  Cummins says he’s better in every way.  Cummins gives a timid comeback.


DC rolls his eyes at Cummins, saying he never knows what he ever talks about and wonders if he lives in an alternate universe.  Cummins brings up the “wrestler code” and acts like he doesn’t know what it is exactly, that he supposedly broke. (Cummins talked about things that happened in wrestling training with DC, claiming he controlled Cormier, which he shouldn’t have said out of the wrestling room.)


DC says he would’ve known what he wrestler code is if he wrestled at a higher level for a longer time.  He also doesn’t understand how he can say he had his way with him, when the only time they competed he smashed Cummins.


Cummins taunts him some more.  DC makes Cummins say what the score was when they actually wrestled, since DC won handily.


Cummins continues to taunt him diminishing a 4-minute match vs. when they trained together.  Cummins plays the I don’t care, free-spirted-whatever-heel and DC gets pissed and can’t wait to shut him up.


DC thinks Cummins will be a decent fighter in time, but you don’t jump in to fight him and say you’re going to beat him.  DC continues to explain how he can beat Cummins in any way.


Kenny points out he’s a 10-1 underdog.  DC adds even in 11 fights he couldn’t get one.


As they talk, they show clips of Cummins’ past fights as shown on AXS.TV.  (If Cummins would ruin a Jones-Cormier megafight with a fluke KO, it would set up a great rematch and provide some entertainment.  However, while typically these last minute subs end up ruining things and the star always seems to lose like little Nog, King Mo, etc.  I think the instant feud they’ve created with Cormier-Cummins will provide enough motivation that DC won’t be caught off guard.)


If you like that, check out the heated exchange between Cummins and Cormier from Fox Sports


Legacy President Mick Maynard LIVE


The Legacy MMA President joins us from his office in Houston, TX to talk the show and other Legacy topics.  He talks the main event of Bubba Bush vs. Hakim Cleveland.  He describes Bush as someone with a 120 MPH fastball.  You know what’s coming, so it’s just up to you to stop it.  Rakim used to be heavyweight and since cutting to 185 is on a 7-right win streak.


After the weight miss issue, Henry Cejudo will get some time to regroup and to come up with a plan for the future to prevent this happening again.  He’s got a nutritionist.  Henry told him if he misses weight again he’s going to jump off a building.


Lion Fights 13 from Las Vegas


--Nick Chasteen over Jonathan Del Rosario

--Kevin Ross avenged Matt Embree in their rematch

--Caley Reece came out of retirement to beat Tiffany Van Soest split decision.


International Highlights


--Pancrase 256 from Japan.  “The Venerable” Yuki Kondo KO’d Toshikazy Suzuki

--Fair FC from Herne, Germany.  Alan Omer over Dennis Tomzek

--XFC from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Thiago Meller over Clay French

--NEF 12 from Lewiston, ME  Ryan Sanders over Marcus Davis


The Fighter and the Kid


A slim and trim Brendan Schaub is on set with comedian Bryan Callen (Old School, About Last Night, and many more small roles in very big movies), to promote their itunes podcast “The Fighter & the Kid” to debate a few topics as a taste of their show.


--Should marijuana banned from MMA?


Bryan Callen says MJ won’t help you in a fight and would need to find a double blind study that would show it’s a performance enhancing drug.  He’s never been punched in the face by a pothead.  If anything, MJ is a liability and if he was a coach he’d have a problem with a fighter smoking.


Brendan says if the UFC wants to be taken seriously like the NBA, NFL, and MLB you can’t legalize marijuana.  If you want to be a professional athlete, then smoking marijuana is not being professional.


--Is UFC ready for an openly gay male fighter?


Callen says if he can kick butt, is really good and looks good in a pair of shorts, then he’s a straight man but the night is young!  Otherwise, he would be cheering for him and it’d be exciting.


Schaub doesn’t care if he likes guys, girls, or animals, he only cares if he’s a good fighter.


Bas says the audience is not ready for that yet and there are too many knuckleheads.


--Which is harder, acting or fighting?


Callen says he believes MMA is the rawest form of competition and asks the most out of any athlete.  Being a WR you have to learn certain specific skills as good as they are.  But with MMA you have to be good at so many different things and constantly evolve.


Schaub describes it like this, if you make a mistake you get 40-50 retakes.  There are no retakes in fighting.




They show a video clip of Brendan Schaub and Johny Hendricks in ballet leotards being taught ballet as some sort of challenge.


Phil Davis LIVE


Phil fights the returning Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in April for UFC 172.  Davis joins us from a gym in Waterford, MI.  Davis says Rumble has been having some fun, and that fun is going to come to an end.


He is working with a few good strikers and kickboxers to prepare for Anthony Johnson at Alliance Training Center.


With the they are looking for the best MMA athletes and want to recruit them to one of the top gyms like Alpha Male or Alliance, to take your career to the next level.


Phil is working with the UFC on the first inaugural Black History Month tour.  UFC is embracing Black History and wants to be a part of, and supports Black History. 


Davis says Jon Jones has been in and out of too many fights, and isn’t convinced Jones will even make the Glover fight.  And if it happens, he will gladly step in, so his training is in full force right now.


Phil says Dana White told him not only is Phil standing by, but they have 100,000 posters printed just in case!  Kenny presses him on that if he really said that, and Phil says he’s not sure if he said that, but that’s what Dana meant!


Friday Finishes


--Spars Stars MMA: Big Fat Derrick Martinez KO’d Lionel Mathews with a left to the eye-nose area.

--Total Warrior Combat:  David Maloley finished John Lokhke with a head kick

--CFFC:  Emmanuel Walo finished Derrick Kennington with a love tap you could barely see at regular speed

--Paramount Prizefighting MMA: DJ McDowell finished Eric Adamas with a let uppercut during a flurry and follows up with a punch to the back

-- Paramount Prizefighting MMA: Brock Combs finished Justin Colburn with an armbar

--U of MMA: Shohei Yamamoto finished Jacob Wasano with a series of punches against the cage

--U of MMA: “Four Horsewomen” Marina Shafi Nicle Upshaw


Marina Shafir on Set


Her next fight will be her professional debut for Lights Out MMA in California end of April.  They show a side by side of her with roommate and best pal, Ronda Rousey and how similar they look in fighting.  She fights at 145.  She talks about how she’s always been a solid 15 pounds bigger than her.  She looks forward to fighting Cyborg, after idolizing her for so long.


Sharif is 2 years younger, made her amateur debut 2 years after Ronda, has an undefeated amateur record like Ronda, and has a 100% finishing percentage like Ronda too.


As Judo people they are cut from the same cloth, but she started judo later on and had different things going on with her life at the time, while Ronda started very young and went all the way.  But they always trained alongside each other for years.


Vitor Belfort’s TRT Exemption Update


The new NSAC Chairman Francisco Aguilar (replaced Keith Kizer), said Vitor can apply for that exemption and expects him to.  Aguilar explained how these cases are unique and individual in nature.


IMMA told Ray Longo the news that Vitor is not ineligible, and he said they were under the impression that if you abused steroids in the past in Nevada you cannot receive an exemption, as all they want is a fair shot.


Maybe they give him an exemption and test him constantly so it might even work out better, but they just want to be sure the playing ground is level and fair.


In late February the NSAC will present more clarification on the TRT Exemption process.


In other drug related news


Jessica Eye can fight Alexis Davis at UFC 170 since Nevada has a higher tolerance level of marijuana than does Texas (where she was busted).


Invicta Rises


After losing 11 fighters to the UFC, Invicta will put their next show signing 15 new fighters including some TUF alums for April.


Ron Kruck with Lorenzo Fertitta


Lorenzo knows they have tremendous medical support at the shows, but quite frankly it’s what happens at the gym.  They’ve had a slew of injuries so they provide insurance for that, and it’s important for the sport.


As for MMA in New York, it’s a difficult battle because it’s like running a race where you don’t know where the finish line.  He’s hopeful but not confident.  They’ll continue to educate legislators and do whatever they can to convince the Democratic caucus in the assembly to put the bill on the floor, and if that happens then they’ll be confident MMA will be legalized.


He echoes Dana White’s stance about the Culinary Union’s role in this.  They aren’t making it up, they are out in the open as the only other entity lobbying and opposing them in New York, because of their issues in Las Vegas with their casinos.  It’s unfortunate that’s the way politics works in this country, but you just go day by day and do the best you can.


The biggest challenge to creating a base in the international markets, is that historically the majority of our best product comes on at off times.  So when they do a big show in Las Vegas, it’s on at 2 or 3 am in Europe, which is why they’ve added more international shows to air in primetime in those markets.  However since that affects US viewers, that was why they added the UFC Fight Pass where those live monthly events you can watch the fights live. 


Viewer Submissions


--Rage in the Cage:Lamont Stafford over bill Smallwood

--Fight Night Challenge Chris Rollins Brian Rich

--Amateur Cage Battle:  Chris Green over Liam Dooley

--WFC 17:  Gage Douhon over William Carroll


Valentine’s Day Facebook Questions


--What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get a woman to like you?


Bryan says he pretended to be a surgeon and gave her medical advice.  Brendan can’t believe that.  Brendan says he once pretended to be sick once to get a girl to feel sorry for him.


--Why don’t they have male ring card models for female fights? 


Bas says he’s always wondered that too (me three.)


(They show the old clip that Greg Jackson MMA did with Jon Jones acting this out in a speedo and he sits down at ringside like the girls do, but sits next to Travis Browne and another guy in speedo, acting like the ring girls.)


--Would you ask a girl to be your valentine if you knew she could kick your ass?


Callen says he finds female fighters sexy so he’d do it, if he wasn’t married.  Brendan Schaub says he probably couldn’t find a female that could kick his butt, but maybe Ronda Rousey could, so yeah.


Upcoming MMA shows

--Feb 21, Legacy 28

--Feb 28, RFA 13


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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