Bellator 114 MMA live coverage & results: Shlemenko/Ward title fight, Cooper/Grove, more

Bellator 114

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Per usual when I get around to doing Bellator live coverage, we're slightly behind the live show and my fiancee is sleeping on the couch. Now that's a Friday night, fellas and ladies. In our main event, middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko defends his belt, and the middleweight and featherweight tourneys kick off.

Middleweight Tourney Semifinal: Brett Cooper def. Kendall Grove by 2nd round KO
Should You Watch? -- Hell Yes

This was an awesome fight. Grove had Cooper nearly out in the first round, locked in a body triangle that he simply couldn't escape. Cooper was getting pounded to the point John McCarthy nearly stopped it, but the bell sounded and he escaped. Had there been a few more seconds, Cooper would have been on the wrong side of the ledger.

But in round 2, Cooper got busy and landed a right hand that dropped Grove on his ass. He swarmed and landed fists from hell that made Grove's eyes roll back in his head Undertaker-style (we ARE a wrestling site, right?) Cooper is really likeable and usually has fun fights. Definitely worth your time to find and watch. Grove's two fight win streak is snapped and he's lost four of his last six dating back to December 2012. Cooper snapped a two-fight losing streak.

Featherweight Tourney Semifinal: Des Green def. Will Martinez by u/d (29-28, 30-27x3)
Should You Watch?
-- Nah

This was a perfectly fine featherweight fight...that I really didn't pay a ton of attention to. There was action in spots and the crowd seemed into it at spots, but overall, nothing here stood out to me that much other than Green's hair. Hey, I'm being honest. Green has now won three straight, while Martinez had his eight-fight win streak snapped.

Hey, Cheick Kongo fights for the Bellator heavyweight title next week, you guys.

Featherweight Tourney Semifinal: Daniel Weichel def. Matt Bessette by u/d (29-28x2, 30-27)
Should You Watch? -- Nah

Weichel has won four straight, while Bessette has won five straight including a split decison win over Diego Nunes in his last bout. First round was dominated by Weichel who grounded Bessette and kept him there with ground and pound. Second round went to Weichel as well due to nothing of note. Kind of a dull fight so far. Then I found Bane Cat during the commercial break. Third round was like the first. Very one-sided dull fight where the most I got out of it was that I probably will see 'Sabotage'. Two judges gave the 2nd to Bessette, which shows how much I was paying attention. Bane Cat, guys.

Middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko def. Brennan Ward by 2nd round submission (1:22)
Should You Watch? -- Hell Yes

Ward is a personality, I'll give him that. First round was full of action as both guys were landing punches and kicks from all angles. Shlemenko seemed to get the better of them, but Ward was definitely connecting. Halfway through the round, Ward got a nasty face crank but eventually got stood up. With 90 seconds to go, Ward got another takedown and Shlemenko's back with a body triangle. He really didn't do much with it though, but I think he did enough to win the round 10-9. He's carrying a lot of muscle, so we'll see if that's a factor if this goes deep.

And just like that in the second round, it's over. Shlemenko blocked a takedown attempt and clamped on a modified guillotine for the quick tap. That came out of nowhere. It's Shlemenko's 50th careeer win, 13th in a row, and 3rd successful title defense.

That's it!

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