Cyborg loses, what it means for MMA future

Jorina Baars won a very clear decision over Cris Cyborg Justino Friday in Las Vegas to become the first Lion Fight womans' bantamweight champion.

Barrs took advantage of her superior height, skill, and ring experience as a kickboxer to win on scores of 49-45, 48-45 and 49-45, including scoring a first and fifth round scored knockdown as well as another knockdown with a hard knee that busted Cyborg's mouth that wasn't scored by Tony Weeks.

Cyborg had the power edge and ragdolled Baars, throwing her down hard over and over in the fight, but Baars remained strong.  The 5-foot-11 Baars was able to use the height to hand front kicks to the head, but Cyborg was able to walk through and get inside.  Baars was able to take her shots.

Baars went to either 33-0-3 or 36-0-3 as a kickboxer, depending upon which record was being used, and Cyborg fell to 2-1.  This shouldn't hurt Cyborg in the MMA world because of it being a different sport.

Some people are calling this the best woman's fight they've ever seen.  I wouldn't go that far, but it was a war and absolutely worth going to AXS to watch the replay.

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