Bellator 118 live blog & results: Joe Warren goes for 135-pound title

Bellator 118

By Josh Nason, Wrestling Observer

It's Friday night and that means Bellator coverage that is about 1 hour behind the live broadcast. Joe Warren goes for the interim bantamweight title against an opponent that missed weight and can't win the belt if he wins. Fun!

Light Heavyweight Tourney Quarterfinals: Liam McGeary def. Mike Mucitell by 1st round KO (:22)
Should You Watch? -- Yeah, it's 22 seconds.

Easy description: McGeary landed a left hook that dropped Mucitelli to his knees, and he simply walked away. McGeary has Jon Jones-esque reach and has looked great in all his fights so far. Interesting light heavyweight prospect for sure.

Marcos Galvao def. Thomas Vasquez by u/d (30-27 x 3)
Should You Watch? -- Nah.

Galvao had an experience edge and it showed. He was just that much better without doing any damage outside a bloody nose. This wasn't part of any tournament, so it was just a fight. Vasquez is a young guy and doesn't have much to lose, so I was surprised he didn't go for broke more. Oh well. This was a catchweight as Galvao missed weight, one of four fighters that missed on this card. Really showing the promotion a ton of respect, eh?

170-pound semifinals: Andre Koreshkov def. Justin Baesman by 1st round KO (1:41)

Great showing for Koreshkov against an overmatched opponent, a replacement from another fight on the card when Sam Oropeza missed weight for the third time in four fights. Koreshkov stalked Baesman and patiently attacked, eventually landing a hard left to the body that set up a flying knee that landed flush. Baseman dropped, but was out before he hit the mat. Adam McDonough faces Koreshkov in the finals during their Summer Series.

Darrion Caldwell def. Joe Pingitore via 1st round submission (1:32)

This was from the Spike prelims, a match-up of two guys with a combined nine pro fights. Caldwell was a Division 1 wrestling champion and is undefeated thus far in his career. He looked outstanding here, transitioning from an kimura attempt to a tight rear naked choke for the tap. He's a featherweight to watch throughout 2014. Squash matches have been good tonight. Plenty of young guys getting put over by the regional enhancement talent.

Interim Bantamweight Title: Joe Warren def. Rafael Silva by u/d (48-47 x 3) 

R1: Fun first frame. Silva was dominating Warren on the ground, but Warren reversed and started using his wrestling to control. Fight got to the feet and Silva hit a uppercut that hurt Warren badly, following up with punches that stunned Warren. Warren came back a bit near the end, but Silva won the first 10-9.

R2: Silva again bettered Warren here despite Warren's work on the mat. Silva 10-9.

R3: Warren hits a hard right hand that hurts Silva, but Silva fires back with a hard right that is causing Warren's left eye to swell and bleed. The majority of the round was Warren grinding out Silva on the mat, who is wearing out fast. Warren 10-9.

R4: This is the first time either guy has seen a 4th round in their careers. Warren became Silva's backpack for nearly the entire round. It wasn't pretty to look at, but Silva couldn't do anything to free himself. 10-9 Warren.

R5: I have this tied up and expect more of what we saw in round 4 from Warren. His conditioning is better and Silva's late entry into this fight isn't helping him. Warren hit an illegal knee about midway through the round that didn't affect anything. Warren is an entertaining personality, but his fight style at times is kinda blah. If you like wrestling, he's for you though. Silva had nothing in response once he was on his back.

Warren wins the belt, becomes the first two weight class champion in promotion history, and eventually will fight Eduardo Dantas to "unify" the belts. I don't see Dantas losing, but stranger things have happened.

That's it!

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