Bellator 120 Rampage vs. King Mo live coverage & results: Tito Ortiz finds fountain of youth

Bellator 120

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Welcome to our live coverage of Bellator 120, the promotion's debut on PPV headlined by Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo Lawal. Results and recap below are in chronological order.


* Light Heavyweight Tournament Finals: Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo

It has all come down to this! 205.6 pounds, 12-3, fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida in black trunks is King Mo. 205.9 pounds, 34-11, fighting out of Irvine, California but hailing from Memphis, Tennessee is Rampage Jackson. Our ref is 'Big' John McCarthy.

King Mo gets a takedown 5 seconds into the fight. Rampage closes guard and tries to hold on as the crowd boos as they are heavily in his favor. King Mo has side control a minute in. Rampage back up at 1:15. King Mo with a double leg putting Rampage seated against the fence. He gets up and gets taken down. He gets to his knees and Mo takes the back throwing knees to the thigh. Rampage is warned not to grab the fence. Another Mo takedown. Rampage gets back up with 90 seconds left. Rampage got a few good strikes in the last minute but it's still a 10-9 round for Mo.

King Mo appears to have a cut over one eye. Rampage catches him with a right hand and a left hook as we pass the 1 minute mark. Mo ties him up and turns him into the fence. Rampage escapes a couple of takedown attempts but Mo won't give up. Rampage winds up balancing on one leg until Mo has to let go. Mo takes the back throwing knees to the leg. McCarthy calls for work. Mo gets a left to the chin and tries a flying knee but misses. Mo shoots in again and gets a takedown with 40 seconds left. Mo hits a knee to the body. Rampage gets back up. Rampage tags Mo again with a right and an uppercut and Mo is backpedaling at the end of R2. 19-all.

Mo is very wary of Rampage's power early in R3. He shoots, he gets blocked, they trade hands. Rampage clocks Mo with a left hook and blocks another takedown. Mo goes for the single leg against the fence and finally gets it. Crowd boos but King Mo is busy enough in the guard to not be stood up. McCarthy finally calls for work at 2:18. Rampage gives up his back looking to get up and he does at 2:50. Rampage is throwing for the knockout and King Mo is timing the right well. Mo looks for another takedown with short time. Rampage and Mo spin around and McCarthy resets them with 40 seconds. Rampage lands a left hook and an uppercut. He walks Mo down to the bell and we go to the cards.

ALL THREE JUDGES SCORE IT 29-28 FOR THE WINNER OF THE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT - RAMPAGE JACKSON. Rampage: "Rematch! I'm not happy with my victory. Who want to see King Mo get knocked out?" King Mo says a whole bunch of things I'm not going to repeat but basically invites Bjorn Rebney to cut him.

Rampage thanks the Memphis crowd and says he'd like to do the next fight at the FedEx Forum and dedicates the fight to his high school wrestling coach. "Coach I love you, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you." He also thanks the Mayor for making today Memphis Day. He also thanks his momma and invites everybody to his afterparty. Rampage pulls out his list and double checks it to make sure he thanked everybody in a comedy moment.

* Interim Lightweight Title: Michael Chandler vs. 'Ill' Will Brooks

13-1 to 12-1, 5'10" to 5'8", 71" to 69" each from Brooks to Chandler. We are scheduled for five rounds if needed for this co-main event. Chandler is in the silver trunks, Brooks the red. Brooks won the season nine tournament to get this title shot and fights out of Chicago. Chandler is the former champion and fights out of San Diego. Our referee in charge for this fight is Kevin MacDonald.

Chandler has a takedown 19 seconds into the fight. Brooks holds him tight to avoid damage then pops back up. Brooks lands a good knee. They tie up on the fence and Chandler drops levels for a big takedown. Brooks is warned not to grab the fence with his feet. Brooks tries again to just hang on but a left elbow and rights to the body are getting through. Chandler is doing some good damage in the final minute. 10-9 to the former lightweight champ.

Brooks avoids the early takedown attempt in R2 but Chandler succeeds on the second try. Brooks gets back up and gets a takedown of his own, taking Chandler's back, and Brooks has both hooks in but Chandler explodes and winds up on top in guard. Brooks back time was 10 seconds or less. Chandler stays on top for the rest of the last minute and earns another 10-9.

Pretty even first minute of R3. Brooks gets a takedown and gets the back again and this time Brooks is not shaken off so quickly. Brooks transitions to full mount on top and is really starting to beat Chandler up with the ground and pound. The ref is looking on closely but Chandler is able to jump back to his feet with 90 seconds left. Brooks goes for another takedown, Chandler sprawls, Brooks takes the back for a second, Chandler scrambles, and lands a standing elbow and two head kicks before it goes back to the ground. Chandler's left eye is a mess. Brooks dominated this round.

A lot of speculation on commentary and on Twitter that R3 was 10-8 for Brooks. He gets another takedown in the 4th and Chandler seems perplexed as Brooks quickly takes the back and gets the body triangle. The ref gives a warning for putting fingers inside the glove as Chandler spins on top in guard. Kevin MacDonald calls for more work. Chandler is doing body head damage but the ref hasn't seen enough and stands them up. Brooks lands a right hand and a head kick. Chandler goes for a single leg and misses, Brooks hits him with a knee, and Chandler puts a hand down to the ground and gets kneed - the hand comes up as he got hit. The ref tells Chandler he can get a consult from the doctor and he declines. The ref rules it was unintentional and there's no deduction. Head kick by Brooks. Takedown stuffed and Brooks rapidly takes the back. He's going for a rear naked with 20 seconds left but Chandler gets out. I give Brooks R4 as well.

Chandler tries and tries to get Brooks to the ground but Brooks is able to slip over the top and pop him with a right when they stand. Chandler keeps his hand down to avoid being kneed. Brooks hits a belly to back throw and tries to take the back but Chandler fends off a back mount and puts Brooks' leg between his knees to keep him grounded. Brooks gets back up with 1:45 left but Chandler is once again going for the takedown with everything he's got. Brooks escapes and Chandler swarms forward and HURTS BROOKS then goes for the head and arm triangle on the ground. 40 seconds left. Even if Chandler doesn't get the tap that's the kind of dominant action that could swing the round his way. I've got Chandler 48-47 at the bell but we'll see what the judges say.

THE JUDGES SCORE THIS FIGHT 48-47 CHANDLER, 48-47 BROOKS, TODD ANDERSON SCORES IT 48-47 FOR THE WINNER BY SPLIT DECISION AND INTERIM BELLATOR LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION: 'ILL' WILL BROOKS. Brooks falls to the ground, says "HOLY #%@!" and kips up. He's still cussing it up in the interview with Jimmy Smith but manages to get out that that he beat a champion, and that in a fight like that they are BOTH champions. Chandler: "That was the worst performance of my life. Congratulations to Will. I'll come back stronger."

* Light Heavyweight: Alexander 'Storm' Shlemenko vs. 'The People's Champion' Tito Ortiz

Moving on to the third fight from the top! A win for Ortiz makes him an intriguing figure again as a fighter, much as his stunning victory did over Bader. He's also got more to lose since he'd be defeated by a man who is not nominally in his weight class - either way this could be his last fight ever. He's got a bunch of little kids lined up at cageside wearing Punishment hats. It's a little like the Wyatt Family. Ortiz marches around the cage while awaiting Shlemenko's arrival. 50-7 vs. 16-11-1. 201.9 vs. 205.5. 71" to 74" reach from Shlemenko to Ortiz. Our referee in charge is 'Big' John McCarthy. Let's go!

R1 opens at 11:17 ET. Black trunks for Shlemenko and white for Ortiz. Shlemenko is throwing body kicks early as the crowd chants TI-TO. Shlemenko throws the backfist. Ortiz closes the distance and puts him on the fence. Ortiz takes the back as Shlemenko tries to turn out and escape. Ortiz goes for the head and arm triangle and SHLEMENKO GOES OUT COLD AND ORTIZ GETS THE TKO SUBMISSION.

The official time is 2:27 OF R1 FOR TITO ORTIZ. Ortiz starts doing a Hulk Hogan impression: "You say your vitamins, you take your prayers, you get what you want!" He says everybody counted him out, shouts out his children at home, "UFC you can try to take me off your list, off your hall of fame, but these fans will remember Tito Ortiz for the rest of their lifetime." He says Shlemenko was worthy and "My hat's off to him for even taking this fight, but what do I do best? I punish people. They told me to get out of this sport. BULLS@%! I'm here for a long time."

* Heavyweight: Blagoy Ivanov vs. Alexander Volkov

Tale of the Tape: 11-0 to 21-4, 27 to 25, 6'1" to 6'7", 249.5 to 236 and 73" to 81" reach from Ivanov to Volkov. Ivanov is 11-0 and fights out of Sofia, Bulgaria. Volkov is 21-4 and fights out of Moscow, Russia. Our referee in charge is John Dixson

Ivanov is in the white trunks and Volkov the black. Ivanov drives in searching for the single leg. Volkov fends him off throwing knees. Dixson is calling for more action. The crowd is a little restless. Volkov throws knees of his own. Ivanov catches a kick and closes the distance. Volkov goes for a body lock but can't turn Ivanov away. Dixson calls for work again. Volkov finally circles out. Ivanov throws heavy but Volkov avoids and lands his own. Push kick by Volkov. Volkov is walking Ivanov down at the bell.

Ivanov goes for a takedown but Volkov gets his back in the process and VOLKOV TAPS HIM OUT VIA RNC 1:08 INTO R2. Volkov wins the heavyweight tournament and gets a rematch with Vitaly Minakov in an attempt to become the champ again. Jimmy Smith and translator hit the cage to interview him. "It's a great pleasure for me to win this way against a specialist in sambo. Two weeks before the fight I had a slight injury in my rib cage." In English he says he'll work very hard and he's very motivated to take his title back.

* Welterweight: Ricky Rainey vs. Michael 'Venom' Page

Ricky Rainey comes out to Mystikal's "There I Go" in the red trunks. Michael Page comes out in the silver trunks. 170.1, 8-2, fighting out of North Carolina is Rainey. 170.5 pounds, 5-0, fighting out of London, England is Page. Our referee is Kevin MacDonald. Let's go! Rainey gets thrown to the ground. Page is looking away and throwing strikes. It's... odd. Rainey closes the distance but Page turns out and throws lefts and a head kick. Page is dancing around and the crowd is booing. Rainey gets a takedown but Page pops right back up. Jump knee and spinning backfist by Page. ONE PUNCH RIGHT HAND DROPS RAINEY. Page doesn't even throw a follow-up - he just waits for the ref to come in and wave it off.

OFFICIAL TIME 4:29 OF R1 FOR THE STILL UNDEFEATED MICHAEL 'VENOM' PAGE. Jimmy Smith interviews him. "I felt in control the whole time." The crowd starts loudly booing. "I'm gonna come back, and I'm gonna do it again - and again - and again. I wanna take my time in the sport and grow properly. I want to come back and do even more."


* Heavyweight: Cheick Kongo vs. Eric Smith

This is the main event of our TV prelims! 6-1 to 20-9-2, 253.8 to 235 and 74" to 82" reach from Smith to Kongo. Smith fights out of Las Vegas, NV in the blue trunks and Kongo fights out of Paris, France in the black trunks. Our referee is 'Big' John McCarthy, who towels Kongo off before he gives his final fight instructions. With that we're underway!

Smith is trying to close the distance early and then grabs a bodylock looking to bring it to the ground - they break at 1:42. Smith has put right hands on Kongo's chin, Kongo starts to answer back, Smith drops levels. McCarthy calls for more work at 2:36 as they tie up and Smith gets a takedown 11 seconds later. Kongo tries to get up but Smith throws a couple of dozen right hands - Kongo covers up and avoids the damage as McCarthy looks on. Kongo looks ticked and is unloading with strikes and knees to the body standing. Smith survives R1 but he looks pretty spent.

Kongo gets his own takedown at 1:04 of R2. Smith tries to get up and Kongo yanks his legs out from underneath. McCarthy warns Kongo about shots to the back of the head. Smith gets a warning for grabbing the cage. Kongo delivers a knee to the body. McCarthy calls for more work. Every time Smith tries to get up Kongo pulls him back down. Kongo is blasting him with hard rights with a minute left. Smith finally gets up and he's being fed a diet of rights and knees - he was better off on the ground. MCCARTHY WAVES IT OFF WITH 25 SECONDS LEFT IN R2.

Official time is indeed 4:35 OF R2 FOR KONGO. Smith interviews. Kongo: "Today is my birthday so, I'm 39 now, and I want to compete again for more - just for you. I'm from France, I'm black, I'm happy and proud."

* Catchweight (158): Nate Jolly vs. Marcin Held

5'7", 158 pounds, 13-5, fighting out of Johnson City, TN is 'Ladies Love' Nate Jolly. 5'9", 158 pounds, 18-3, fighting out of Tychy, Poland is Marcin Held. Our referee is Dave Ferguson. Held is in the white trunks and Jolly the black. Held catches Jolly with a knee as both are throwing wild strikes early but he recovers quickly - only 30 seconds gone. Held gets a leg trip and takes the back, having both hooks in by 1:33. Held is working from back mount to soften Jolly up and sink in a sub. Held rides his back until Jolly escapes for just a moment but HELD GOES BELLY DOWN WITH THE ARM SUBMISSION AND TAPS HIM OUT.

The official time is 4:20 OF R1. Jimmy Smith hits the cage for the interview. "I go the ground and then it was my work. (The ground and pound) looks bad but it wasn't really (a) hard punch so I went for my technique. I'm ready (for Patricky) and will be even more prepared than this fight."

* Featherweight: Shahbulat Shamhalaev vs. Fabricio Guerreiro

Shamhalaev is a former tournament champon but got choked out by Pat Curran when he got his title shot. Shamhalaev vows Guerreiro will be the first to fall on his road back to the belt. Guerreiro is 19-3 in the black trunks and Shamhalaev is 12-2 in the black/white. Our referee in charge of the fight is Kevin MacDonald.

Shamhalaev is going hard for a single leg as we pass the halfway point of R1 but Guerreiro is over the top dropping bombs and goes hard for a kimura. He tries to roll to his back to get out of it but can't escape and SHAMHALAEV TAPS OUT WITH 90 SECONDS LEFT.

OFFICIAL TIME 3:29 OF R1 FOR FABRICIO GUERREIRO. Jimmy Smith and the translator hit the cage. "First of all I want to thank God. I knew the kimura was there I just had to believe in it. I was ready for everything, the message is right there for everybody to see."

Goiti Yamauchi vs. Mike Richman - Featherweights

We return to the Landers Center for televised fights. 5'8", 145.5, 16-2, fighting out of Curitiba, Brazil is Yamauchi. 5'8", 145.5, 16-4, fighting out of Rosemont, Minnesota is Richman. Our ref is Dave Ferguson. Richman in black, Yamauchi in blue. Yamauchi kicks him in the cup 28 seconds in - HARD. Richman gets 5 but restarts well before that - maybe a minute tops. Richman lands a head kick as we pass the halfway point. Takedown at 3:39 and Yamauchi gets up when Richman backs off. Yamauchi lands two hard lefts in a flurry and Richman seems shook for a split second. Good first round.

Yamauchi is aggressive to open R2 until Richman ties him up. Leg trip takedown by Yamauchi at 1:04. Richman gets back up looking to stand and trade. He slips on a kick and Yamauchi charges forward but can't capitalize. They tie up with just over a minute left. Richman fails on a single leg attempt. Body kicks by Yamauchi. 19-all after 2.

Richman goes for a guillotine 27 seconds into R3 but winds up on top in guard. Ferguson calls for more work at 2:38. Richman is doing just enough ground 'n pound to stay busy and Yamauchi has yet to get him in submission danger. They're finally stood up at 4:10. Richman pushes forward striking. He eats a couple of body kicks before the bell but probably won this round and the fight.


Catchweight (153): Zach Underwood vs. Austin Lyons

Lyons is in red trunks and Underwood the black. Underwood is 5'9", 152.3 pounds out of Union City, TN. Lyons is 5'9", 152.4 pounds, fighting out of Nashville, TN. Our referee in charge is John Dixson. Lyons has a 7" reach advantage at 72 to 65. The two are friends and training partners and have even fought each other before. Lyons goes for takedowns twice and doesn't succeed. Underwood is comfortable letting Lyons pressure and counter punching when he comes forward. Lyons briefly ends up on top when Underwood tries to jump guard for a guillotine. 10-9 Lyons.

Lyons ends up on top 1:28 of R2 as Underwood goes for a single and has his back as Underwood gets up, but he gets away clean. Underwood's face is getting bloody from the jabs and hooks. He tries again for a takedown and Lyons counters it. Underwood shoots again at 3:25 but doesn't complete it and winds up eating knees on the fence. He gets out of danger and lands a couple of right hands. Another 10-9 Lyons - he was the aggressor and landed more punches.

Lyons hurts Underwood early in R3 and has him backpedaling. Underwood is thrown to the ground 40 seconds in after a takedown attempt. He gets back up and gets a knee to the face. Underwood shoots again and nearly ends up in a d'arce. Lyons with left hands and more knees. Underwood is tough enough to survive for a while but a big knee at 3:18 hurts him - unfortunately Lyons lands another one while Underwood was on the ground and we get a stoppage. Dixon brings the doctor in to take a look at him. The doctor waves it off and Dixon signals we'll go to the cards but there's no point deduction since that would have been a warning. Underwood's corner argues (to the point of being insulting) to no avail.



Heavyweight: Justin Frazier vs. Mike Wessel

Our referee in charge is Mike King. Wessel is the more experienced at 13-7 against 6-1, and he's also 12 years older at 36 to 24. Frazier is in the red trunks, Wessel the black. Wessel and Frazier spend most of the the first half of R1 tied up against the fence. Wessel throws a head kick when they break. Frazier grabs the fence to block a takedown, then Wessel gets it after the ref warns him to let go. Wessel hammers him with right hands from side control and the ref threatens to stop it. 4:29 the referee waves it off. MIKE WESSEL GETS THE TKO.

Official time - 4:28 OF R1 FOR MIKE 'THE JUGGERNAUT' WESSEL who improves to 14-7.

Results from earlier in the night on

* Bantamweight: Brian Hall d. Cortez Phelia - TKO at 3:24 of R3.
* Welterweight: Codie Shuffield d. Anthony Lemo - RNC at 2:15 of R2.
* Welterweight: Ben Brewer d. Andy Uhrich - TKO at 2:40 of R2.

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