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It's pretty simple. Just write it up and e-mail it to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can write pretty much whatever you want. We only have a few requirements which we had to institute due to an overwhelming increase in shout-outs of late:

1. Everyone gets ONE SHOUT-OUT when they sign up FOR THE FIRST TIME. No more shout-outs because you did a favor or because you signed up for three months or whatever else. I appreciate everyone and would like to be able to do that, but as we have seen recently the subscriber base is growing such that we cannot do this anymore without having 19 shout-outs on a show.

2. We are strictly enforcing the 150-word limit. If you pay for a classified ad you get x number of words and you CANNOT go over unless you pay extra. If you are paying for an extra shout-out (see below), it's $5 per 150 words, so if you'd like 300 words that's $10.

Also, please put "Shout Out!" or something of that nature in the subject line.

Donate to and get another shout-out! We've been getting a lot of shout-outs lately, so we'd like to limit everyone to one free shout-out when they first sign up. However, we will be happy to give you another shout-out for a minimum $5 PayPal donation to the site. While the site does generate revenue through subscriptions and merchandise, we always appreciate donations towards new equipment, advertising, promotion, etc. You can also ask that your donation go to your favorite site contributor.

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