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WON Preview: April 24, 2017: Jinder Mahal made #1 contender, Rosey passes away, more

April 24, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Jinder Mahal made #1 contender, Rosey passes away, more

A look at the life and times of Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i, more on the Mauro Ranallo situation, looking at Jinder Mahal's push to the top, an update on Katsuyori Shibata and a look at the first-ever government investigation of an attempted fix of a UFC fight are just some of the lead stories in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Have a look at the current WWE booking, the story behind the push of Jinder Mahal, realities of what pushing talent based on physique leads to, and how the network business models plays into this move.

Examine the life and career of Matt Anoa'i of the famed Samoan wrestling family, and notes from those who knew him and a rundown of his pro wrestling career, his near misses when it comes to a push, tragedies in the family, his runs outside WWE and more.

An update on the situation with Katsuyori Shibata, who was injured during one of the greatest matches in recent years, and a look at what happened after the match; look back at how the death of Masakazu Fukuda plays into the story, more on the match, as well as the road Shibata took from high school to selling out Sumo Hall and where he was supposed to be headed, inside this issue.

There is more on the Mauro Ranallo situation including his return to Japan with Rizin and how that was set up, his run in WWE, why the run didn't work, backstage notes at WWE tapings, several wrestlers talk about that situation or their own situations, a look back at the Layfield/Blue Meanie incident and differences of opinion regarding who was responsible for what was happening.

Check out the roster switch over when it comes to house shows and the current plans for May lineups, Roman Reigns at the house shows this past weekend, the biggest surprise of the roster moves, update on The Hardys and the legalities of the broken gimmick, update on Bill Goldberg's contractual situation and future with the company, and WWE injury updates. 

Also in this issue:

  • CMLL draws biggest crowd of the week and a look at the show
  • Notes on a show later this month with another big crowd expected
  • Notes on the return of Mr. Niebla
  • Notes on title bouts this past week at Arena Mexico
  • How much effect the death of Joaquin Roldan should have on AAA
  • AAA makes a number of announcements including a relationship with Impact
  • Notes on the last AAA TV taping
  • More on The Crash sow in Mexico City and why it was on a Wednesday
  • A look at the next Crash show with lots of top U.S. names appearing
  • Early notes on the 2017 Champion Carnival tournament
  • Title change in NOAH right before the start of the tag team tournament and next singles title challenger
  • Some early notes on the G-1 Climax tour
  • More on the New Japan shows in Long Beach
  • What the ticket sales tell you and don't tell you about the New Japan product in the U.S.
  • A concussion scare with one of the top woman wrestlers in the world
  • Keiji Muto and Kenta Kobashi together on a wrestling show
  • Two different veteran stars undergo neck surgery
  • Plans years ahead for the biggest NCAA Division I wrestling tournament ever
  • More on YouTube changes that change the economic structure of some pro wrestling companies
  • Well known pro wrestling related restaurant closes its doors
  • Details of The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega's European tour
  • A look at their much talked about match in Dublin
  • Big ICW show featuring the farewell of Drew Galloway
  • What Culture World Cup news
  • Notes on the next PWG show
  • New bill related to pro wrestling signed in Washington
  • Documentary being done on Welch wrestling legend
  • A.J. Lee talks about returning to wrestling
  • First three-way match we can find on record
  • Two of the greatest technical wrestlers of the last 30 years meet for the first time
  • Indie with a new concept of pro wrestling to be more MMA like and its first show
  • 90s woman wrestling star in first match in 16 years
  • Notes on Pentagon and his future with Lucha Underground
  • Pro wrestling star set to make her boxing debut with first opponent named
  • More on ROH War of the worlds tour
  • Next ROH house show
  • Jeff Jarrett talks Impact and AAA alliance at TripleMania press conference
  • Dorian Roldan talks about Lucha Underground talent can appear in Impact
  • Why talent is unhappy now with what has been said and have made it public
  • Impact's unique being in the middle of a promotional war
  • Notes from the upcoming TV tapings
  • Talent that has been under consideration in Impact
  • Impact settles another old lawsuit from a company owed money
  • Funny interplay on the TV show
  • Update on DJZ
  • Update on World of Sport tapings
  • Impact newcomer just getting out of the blocks has a setback
  • Dana White updates McGregor vs. Mayweather and claims what both will earn with the offer they are going to put out
  • A look at what UFC is hoping to headline on 7/29 in Anaheim on PPV
  • More UFC financial information and amazing profit projections
  • A look at the key revenue stream and the next negotiations
  • Ronda Rousey situation updated
  • A look at this week's UFC show
  • UFC releases fighter due to domestic violence investigation
  • Former champion of rival group gets first UFC fight
  • Lots of other new UFC fights
  • Notes on last week and this week's Bellator shows

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WON BACK ISSUE: March 20, 2000: WWF to leave USA network, ECW Living Dangerously review, more

The landscape of American pro wrestling may undergo major changes within the next month. Starting off, WWF officially gave notice to the USA Network on 3/1 that it is cancelling its contract with them effective in September when the new TV season starts. This isn't necessarily as big as it sounds, but most feel it is bigger. The WWF's deal for Raw, Livewire and Superstars expired in September 2001, but WWF has the right to get out of the deal in September 2000 by giving the network six months notice and USA Network has the right to match any offer.

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