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WON Preview: August 14, 2017: Takayama paralyzed, WWE financials examined, tons more

August 14, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Takayama paralyzed, WWE financials examined, tons more

It’s a double issue this week, with extensive coverage of the WWE business, breaking it down in every category, the sad story about the paralysis of Yoshihiro Takayama, G-1 coverage, SummerSlam weekend notes, and even Hall of Fame news.

Our lead story looks at the injury and the new life of Yoshihiro Takayama, going back to the May spot where he became paralyzed, his most famous matches, his career, the Don Frye fight and his big matches during the heyday of Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Our WWE business report looks in more detail than anywhere about the quarterly numbers. Look at how the network did so far this year compared to the past few years and how the different gimmicks played out, the difference in profitability of the network vs. PPV, the exact numbers of cancellations this year as compared to the past, the remaining WWE PPV business, real attendance figures for WrestleMania, social media numbers, sponsorship numbers, where the revenue comes from, and breaking down every single revenue stream.

Look at WrestleMania business, what parts of the business are up or down, the costs and revenues per episode of Total Divas, the reality vs. fantasy of the decline in television ratings, the house show business for WWE and NXT, comparing the last two WrestleManias as well as the movie studio numbers.

There is in-depth coverage of G-1, looking at this year's booking, the updated standings, star ratings and business notes for every show this past week, thoughts on how to change G-1 for the better next year, the Sumo Hall cards, future fall title matches, the injury to Evil and the best matches of the tournament so far.

Inside is an update on SummerSlam and NXT, as well as the ticket situation for SummerSlam weekend, WWE injuries and show length.

Check out Brock Lesnar's post-SummerSlam schedule, the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen angle, WWE TV deal in South Africa, Rey Mysterio's next contract, SummerSlam viewing parties, Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly updates, and a Bruno Sammartino update.

Also in this issue:

  • Coverage of the Blue Panther vs. Sam Adonis match
  • The big mistake made almost a decade ago with Panther
  • The build to the Anniversary show
  • More on the Taya/Mundo/Morrison angle and back story
  • Vampiro explains the false advertising of AAA
  • Upcoming Crash plans
  • Notes on Crash's weekend shows
  • What Americans are next coming in for Crash
  • Lineup for the All Japan big show at Sumo Hall
  • A look at NOAH's Korakuen Hall show
  • Update on New Japan injuries
  • Low Ki talks about his problems with New Japan
  • Mariko Yoshida retirement notes
  • Special nostalgia show remembering Shiro Abe
  • Will Ospreay and his prospective move to Australia
  • Atsushi Onita comes to CZW
  • Stephan Bonnar going into pro wrestling
  • What UFC Hall of Famers have done pro wrestling
  • Matt Cappotelli update
  • Notes on the upcoming world championships
  • Notes on Ted DiBiase documentary
  • Update on Sabu
  • Jim Londos notes
  • Notes on the upcoming Evolve shows
  • Jesse Ventura TV show update
  • Mexican star puts up mask on U.S. indie show
  • Dave Bautista update
  • 90s star has first match in years
  • A look at OTT's show in Dublin National Stadium
  • ROH's fastest selling ticket in history
  • Full lineup of upcoming ROH iPPV show
  • Talent returning to ROH
  • Cody Rhodes talks about his TNA ensure
  • TK O'Ryan returns
  • GFW TV taping notes
  • Alberto talks about his situation
  • Notes on GFW's first house shows of the new era
  • PPV numbers for Jones vs. Cormier
  • Jones talks his future and Brock Lesnar
  • A look at the light heavyweight division
  • Update on Mayweather-McGregor tickets
  • How the gate compares with a Super Bowl
  • Update on the betting
  • The McGregor-Paulie Malignaggi controversy
  • Talk about instant replay being used when and how
  • Ian McCall talks about his brain issues and Chris Benoit
  • How the revenue for UFC for Mayweather-McGregor would compare to a regular McGregor show
  • Update on UFC's next show in Madison Square Garden
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Former WWE star becomes UFC star trainer
  • Chuck Liddell vs. Chael Sonnen
  • More Rizin notes

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