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WON Preview: February 13, 2017 NJPW New Beginning review, WWE Fast Lane/Elimination Chamber cards, more

February 13, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: NJPW New Beginning review, WWE Fast Lane/Elimination Chamber cards, more

An update on the WWE's WrestleMania plans and then two PPV's leading to WrestleMania is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  We update the situation with the Seth Rollins vs. HHH proposed match, new matches that have changed due to injuries, update injured talent and a new proposed championship match on the Mania show, as well as more on different planned matches.

We also look at plans for both Elimination Chamber and Fast Lane.

We've got full coverage of the New Beginning in Sapporo show headlined by Kazuchika Okada vs. Minoru Suzuki, with match-by-match coverage with star ratings, poll results and business notes.  We look at the build up angle and the story behind the main event, and this week's show in Osaka.

We look at the big coup by WWE Studios working with Dwayne Johnson, a current WWE star being talked about for doing MMA, Kurt Angle talks wrestling in WWE, NXT Takeover Orlando notes, and lots of thoughts on the XFL documentary and key points that were not in.

We also have more WWE WrestleMania week plans, more on Mike Adamle and his battle against dementia and his background, update on a lot of WWE injuries, a surprise coach at the Performance Center and update on where that come from, and another WWE movie project.

We also have tons of notes on the wrestlers brought to the Performance Center this past week as well as other athletes for tryouts, including who they are and their backgrounds including some very unique prospects.  We also look at the most-watched shows of the past week on the network as well as a rundown of all the WWE and NXT arena events this past week with both highlights and business notes.

We also have a feature on a wrestler modern fans wouldn't know about, Tom Drake, who passed away this week.  Drake was a fascinating person as the article will show, a major political figure in Alabama, a key member of the Cauliflower Alley Club, a tremendous athlete in both football and wrestling before going into pro wrestling in a story that crosses names like Lou Thesz, John F. Kennedy, Fred Blassie, George Wallace and Bear Bryant.

We also look at the legacy of Ivan Koloff as he battles with liver disease and would like to hear from fans.  We look back at the career of the Hall of Famer, who was in the most famous match of the early 70s and was one of the top heels in North America for more than two decades.

We have full coverage of the UFC show in Houston the night before the Super Bowl, and the surprising business success of the show.  We look at the ramifications of the show along with match-by-match coverage.

Also in this issue:

  • A look at this past wee's show at Arena Mexico
  • Notes on a good business week for CMLL and this week's show
  • First word on the Elite promotion
  • Another major star leaves AAA and story behind it
  • Latest news from Dragon Gate
  • Story behind NOAH finances
  • Update on New Japan on AXS
  • Kenny Omega talks selling in a way that will get some people really hot
  • Notes about Omega's career before Japan
  • Rundown of the Survivor Seres in New Japan
  • Big nostalgias show this past week in Tokyo with an eight-man tag with a team of four easy Hall of Famers together
  • More on the situation with AAA, Lucha Underground, and the talent that has left the promotion
  • Very interesting names on The Crash show and what it means politically
  • Update on Tommy Dreamer
  • Hardys drawing power on the road
  • Update on Jim Ross autobiography
  • New wrestlers and matches coming to Evolve
  • Huge show announced for Ireland with New Japan stars
  • Former WWE star has a role in soap opera
  • Updates on Kevin Nash, Billy Graham and Bret Hart
  • Major injuries within minutes on an indie show
  • WWE stars pulled from major international tournament
  • Kevin Kelly/ROH update
  • ROH stars headed to Japan in a few weeks
  • Cody Rhodes talks about how WWE wrestlers view indies
  • Lots of new ROH matches
  • A rundown of the weekend ROH shows
  • What's up for ROH this week
  • Notes on Jeff Jarrett and the shakeups in TNA
  • Who is expecting to be running creative
  • TNA's attempting to make partnerships with other groups
  • TNA sending talent to a big show in Japan
  • Japanese talent i TNA
  • Where things stand with the top unsigned TNA stars including Hardys
  • Notes on the 2017 UFC schedule
  • Another new rule proposed for MMA regarding instant replay
  • Several top UFC fighters out of contract including some expected to move to other promotions
  • A top WSOF sat expected to be UFC bound
  • Another major UFC office departure
  • Notes on this week's UFC show
  • Behind the 145 pound women's title
  • More drug testing issues
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Jake Shields gets in the middle of the Berkeley riots

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