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WON Preview: June 19, 2017: Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather on, Okada/Omega classic, more

June 19, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather on, Okada/Omega classic, more 

The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight is actually happening, and the story behind it is the lead in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  Plus, coverage of Dominion, with Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega II and one of the best shows in recent years, as well as an examination of Demetrious Johnson's issues with Dana White, New Japan's future booking, the Long Beach show, G-1, Money in the Bank and more.

Look at the ramifications and stipulations of Mayweather-McGregor and why it'll be the most talked about fight for years to come, the key to whether it can do record numbers, the price tag, role of the media, and the real question of sanctioning and why it was.

Relive Omega vs. Okada II, the key to the story of the match, the next direction, the story behind Omega vs. Cody Rhodes, booking the finish, and why the circumstances weren't the best to have a classic match.  Understand the background of the match, the business of the match, why New Japan has so many different directions it can take right now, the U.S. title tournament, and when Omega-Okada airs on U.S. television. Check out the lineups for Long Beach, secondary market ticket demand, early thoughts on G-1 as well as the New Japan World shows for the rest of the month and notes on the main events.

Inside, there is match-by-match coverage with star ratings for Dominion, poll results and an amazing stat regarding poll results.

This issue also runs down the Money in the Bank show. Look at the card, what to look for in the show, ticket prices, a new segment added to the show, and also look at Great Balls of Fire and the direction things are headed toward SummerSlam.

Finally, more notes on the build to the Lesnar vs. Joe match, questions about the Cena return, lots of notes about SummerSlam and the top matches on the show, lots of injury updates, Kurt Angle talks former drug addiction, and why Finn Balor wasn't at Raw.

Also in this issue:

  • Bobby Zavala talks the CMLL decision to fire him and more background of the story
  • Update on Universo 2000
  • New CMLL light heavyweight champion
  • A look at this past week's Arena Mexico show
  • Notes on the big matches in Mexico over the next week
  • King of Gate tournament finals
  • A look at the King of Gate tournament
  • All Japan and New Japan open up relations and some interpromotional matches announced
  • Notes on All Japan's big show of the week and notes on their planned biggest event of the year
  • A look at NOAH's upcoming junior heavyweight tag team tournament
  • New Japan's lead into Dominion
  • Kenta Kobashi and Manami Toyota talk show together
  • Notes on Kobashi promoting a show and its key matches
  • Stardom planning a huge match to change the guard
  • Notes on the life and times of Ron Starr and lots of stories regarding his career, including how he made newspaper coverage all over the world in 1980
  • Update on Jesse Ventura
  • Prominent stars get engaged
  • The U.S. Team Trials and dramatic David Taylor vs. J'Den Cox match
  • First person ever to be in both the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the background
  • 90s star talks announces retirement
  • Updates on Matt Riddle
  • Another honor for Bob Backlund and how he became WWWF champion
  • Tons of indie news
  • ROH booker in controversial match finish
  • Huge indie show coming to Puerto Rico
  • The annual CZW Tournament of Death
  • TV show on a 60s legend
  • Jeff Cobb vs. Matt Riddle Progress match
  • Terrible injury to Lucha Underground star
  • Complete lineup for the next ROH PPV show
  • Being the Elite storylines and how they mesh with ROH storylines
  • Notes on the Impact tapings in India
  • Michael Bisping talks his future
  • UFC fails to keep internal memo secret
  • Why  Aldo didn't throw any leg kicks against Holloway
  • Notes on this weeks UFC show
  • Cyborg loses sponsorship due to punching Angela Magana
  • Olympic wrestler signs with UFC for Edmonton show
  • Urijah Faber talks the future of Team Alpha Male
  • New UFC fights
  • Story behind Mauro Ranallo and Mike Goldberg in Bellator and Sean Grande leaving
  • Latest Rizin gimmick match
  • What pro wrestling superstar is Rizin attempting to book
  • Former UFC fighter allegedly stabs another fighter in Russian street brawl

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WON BACK ISSUE: April 3, 2000: Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo in charge of WCW, a look back at past Wrestlemanias, more 

After seemingly swimming in an ocean of rapidly declining numbers across the board, World Championship Wrestling went to a strange pair of people as its life preservers-Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. In a decision that had been in the works for about one month according to company sources, Brad Siegel completed the circular back-stabbing game which wound up in, not almost, but actually a pro wrestling like tag team, of the two people, former enemies, with seemingly nothing in common, bound together by their hatred for common enemies.

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