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WON Preview: March 20, 2017 Situation with Broken Matt Hardy and Anthem Sports, Wrestlemania card, more

March 20, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Situation with Broken Matt Hardy and Anthem Sports, Wrestlemania card, more

This is a major news issue of the Wrestling Observer, with lead stories including full details on the legal questions regarding the Hardys’ gimmick, why Impact made the move they did, with the arguments from both sides and why they happened when they did.

Also look at the U.K. television battle with updates on ITV and WWE plans in the market.

There is a rundown of the 2018 WrestleMania main event as currently planned and long-term goals for the company and the top talent.

A WrestleMania show update for this year is included.

News on top talent leaving WWE after WrestleMania, NXT to Europe, Nakamura main roster update, Dwayne Johnson talks WrestleMania, several WWE injury updates, John Cena's schedule, a look at wrestlers and other athletes WWE had in camp this past week including an Olympic silver medalist, WWE Hall of Fame, Jack Swagger, post-WrestleMania plans, WWE value and most watched shows on the WWE Network, is all inside.

Check out a full rundown of all the WWE and NXT live events over the past week with business notes, results and highlights.

Other major stories are on the New Japan Cup, the state of ROH talent and popularity, the 15th anniversary show coverage, who was Dennis Stamp, just how big a difference PEDs are in UFC, how much the top executives and the McMahon family earned last year, and the Japanese national poll on who the greatest pro wrestling stars ever to work Japan were.

This issue also contains a WrestleMania week schedule.

WWE & ITV's moves for television in the U.K. are examined, plus a major rundown of former and current ROH talent, what is happening with WWE, ROH business and full coverage of the PPV with match-by-match coverage and star ratings.

Coverage of the UFC show in Brazil over the past week as well as the WWE house show in Madison Square Garden is in this issue.

Details on the ratings for all of the national shows over the past week, including a breakdown of who was watching all of the WWE shows are inside.

Examine the results of the major league arena events held all over the world this past week, as well as notes on the various TV shows.

Also in this issue:

  • The go-home show for Dos Leyendas
  • Some near misses on injuries this past week
  • CMLL's first major show of the year
  • Behind the scenes at AAA
  • Dragon Gate's big show of the week
  • All Japan announces Champion Carnival lineup
  • NOAH has its first major show of the year
  • Surprise wrestler starting with NOAH
  • My thoughts on Omega vs. Okada II and New Japan in the U.S.
  • Kota Ibushi talks future plans
  • New Japan debuts the wrestling monster
  • NCAA wrestling tournament notes
  • A look at the major stories in the tournament and the biggest stars and favorites
  • 16 Carat Gold tournament news
  • The annual show in Germany reviving the old UWFI style
  • The Crash promotion announces more big events with Rey Mysterio Jr.
  • Recent WWE star says he's retiring at the end of this year
  • Dave Bautista update
  • Former WWE star reviving his character in a TV show
  • Former WWE star injured working indie show
  • Someone who held major company pro wrestling world championship talks retirement to concentrate on boxing
  • Bully Ray explains his role in ROH
  • Notes on the next month of ROH television
  • Impact headed to India
  • How big the top star in India really is
  • Impact makes international deals
  • Notes on the start of the new era of Impact
  • Real numbers for UFC 209
  • UFC tries to make some big fights
  • Update on Cain Velasquez
  • Tons of new UFC fights

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WON BACK ISSUE: February 21, 2000: 1999 attendence numbers, WCW turmoil, tons more

For the year, WWF increased attendance 20%. Monday night Raw ratings for the year as an average increased from a 4.40 average in 1998 to a 6.04 average in 1999, a 37% increase. PPV buy rates for the year increased from a 1.02 average in 1998 to a 1.25 average in 1999 which is a 23% increase. In 1998, WWF sold out 33.5% of its house shows while the figure increased to 63% of its shows in 1999. Average live gate per arena show increased from $188,482 in 1998 to $286,495, a whopping 52% caused by a combination of the increase in attendance and an increase in average ticket price from $18.84 to $23.84... Subscribers click here to continue.