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WON Preview: October 9, 2017 Death of Lance Russell, HIAC preview, more

October 9, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Death of Lance Russell, HIAC preview, more

It’s a special issue of the Wrestling Observer this week with a lead story on the life and career of Lance Russell. Look through his life, both in and out of wrestling, going back to when he started being a fan, the people whose careers he made, comments from fans and others in the business, how he made the careers of Jerry Lawler and Dave Brown, interaction with fans, his thoughts on a number of subjects, decisions he made as the program director, his first mention in a national trade publication, his first year broadcasting Memphis wrestling and why it was so politically important, when he promoted and having to pack a gun, his time moving to WCW, the song about him, and my own interactions with him over the years.

Look at the next three WWE PPV shows and directions, as well as the next Takeover show.

There are also updates on Ric Flair, notes on how Jim Ross' book is doing, an update on the concussion lawsuit and the judges' ruling that hurts the case, Notes on Shane McMahon filing a suit claiming he was duped out of $500,000, WWE in India, Samoa Joe injury update, Nikki Bella Dancing With The Stars update, Brock Lesnar schedule change, Kurt Angle talks his future and wrestling, indie name likely on the way to WWE, update on Jim Ross and New Japan, more on Kane running for Mayor, and Randy Orton talks his current role,

This issue has coverage of all the WWE and NXT arena events, with business notes and highlights inside the rig.  

Check AAA's Heroes Inmortales show, how the company is doing and the story behind different people advertised who weren't there.

Read details on the ratings for all the national shows over the past week, including breakdown of who was watching all of the WWE shows.

Results of the major league arena events held all over the world this past week, as well as notes on the various TV shows, all in this issue.

Also in this issue:

  • Update on Mexico City wrestling opening up post-earthquake
  • A country's national lottery with wrestling figures involved
  • Crash taping TV pilot
  • Upcoming Crash major events
  • Dragon Gate wrestler has scary injury
  • Coverage of NOAH's big event this past week which included many Impact stars
  • Notes on the Global league tournament, the bracketing and the big city cards
  • Notes on this week's World Cup of wrestling in Japan
  • Notes on this week's King of Pro Wrestling show
  • What we will learn about New Japan's status right now from the Sumo Hall card
  • Notes on next year's Fantastica Mania tour
  • Don Frye talks about Takayama
  • More on the sale of the DDT promotion
  • The first All Japan women's nostalgia show
  • Notes for those visiting Tokyo regarding a tourist place to go for wrestling fans
  • Notes on the Manami Toyota retirement show
  • Bobby Heenan funeral notes
  • Billy Corgan and the new NWA
  • Different ideas on the NWA and basic plans for 2018
  • Billy Corgan talks a major problem with modern wrestling
  • Update on Houston tape library
  • Update on the Evolve promotion coming off the Flo Slam legal issues
  • A look more in depth about those legal issues
  • Why the loss of Flo Slam is so devastating for the WWN promotion
  • A TV show getting small market national syndication starting this week
  • The story behind the new Lucha Libre pilot that people have started to talk about
  • What is the idea for the show
  • What people are involved with the show and what name are they talking with
  • Notes about the tryouts
  • What happened with PWG not selling out both nights of All Star weekend immediately
  • Pro wrestling major star quietly does boxing match over the weekend
  • Santo 100th birthday celebration show
  • Former WWE announcer in Las Vegas where the shootings took place describes in details what happened
  • Notes on the Championship Wrestling from Florida nostalgia show
  • Notes on the Cobo Hall nostalgia show
  • First Tom Lawlor vs. Matt Riddle match
  • Notes on What Culture iPPV show this past week
  • Update on the business of Lucha Underground and where it sands
  • Lucha Underground house show overseas
  • More on Young Bucks Cease and Desist situation
  • Notes on all the ROH shows next week with New Japan talent and Kenny Omega including top matches and iPPV card
  • Notes on ROH star being in an E! reality show
  • Impact business notes
  • Impact bigwigs going overseas
  • What indie star is in talks with Impact
  • Notes on injury to Impact star
  • A look at the Impact Victory Road TV show
  • Notes on UFC TV negotiations and the surprising similarities with WWE's negotiations next year
  • Exactly what UFC is really hoping for out of the new deal
  • Update on UFC PPV number
  • UFC donation to Las Vegas families victimized by the shooting
  • How the shooting effected secondary market prices for this week's PPV show
  • New UFC PPV main event announced
  • A look at the light heavyweight division direction
  • A confrontation between tops tars at UFC press conference
  • UFC star retires
  • A look at this week's UFC show from Las Vegas and what the ramifications of the top matches are
  • Conor McGregor talks his future and thoughts
  • Cris Cyborg makes complaint about contract
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Bellator injury and how this relates to Impact
  • A look at this week's Bellator show
  • Business notes and records for almost all the Bellator events of 2017
  • Chuck Liddell talks fighting again
  • Some future fights involving Bellator stars
  • A look at Shamrock vs Sakuraba
  • More on next week's Rizin show
  • What pro wrestling star is still promoting MMA brand

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