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WON Preview: September 11, 2017: Jeff Jarrett takes leave of absence from GFW, PWG BOLA reviewed, more

September 11, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Jeff Jarrett takes leave of absence from GFW, PWG BOLA reviewed, more

A look at GFW, the departure of Jeff Jarrett, and where things go from here with the company is the lead story in the new issue. Look at the talks of a sale, incidents that happened, future direction, the current television situation, why the tape library isn't going to be sold, the new creative team, the current angles, Bound for Glory plans, Alberto El Patron, the future of Jim Cornette, Bruce Prichard and others and more.

Look at the Mayweather-McGregor business; looking at PPV in the U.S. and U.K., live gate, what mistakes were made, and the state of McGregor coming out of the fight.

Check out the next two WWE PPV shows, the Cena vs. Reigns program and Enzo Amore and the cruiserweight division.

Details on the Battle of Los Angeles tournament including the Keith Lee vs. Donovan Dijak match, the future of Ricochet and Matt Riddle and how the New Japan/WWE situation fits in, and why the usual rules of wrestling and crowds don't seem to apply in PWG.

Get an update on John Layfield leaving Smackdown, The Mae Young Classic, how the Mae Young Classic did on the WWE Network, new WWE TV deal in Canada, Hurricane Irma and WWE events, what opposing lawyer in concussion suit asked for as part of a settlement, Samoa Joe injury update, Sami Zayn update, more on the situation with Baron Corbin, Nikki Bella on Dancing with the Stars, WWE running Christmas and New Year's live shows, injury updates, Australia tour notes, and company value. 

Full coverage of the UFC Fight Pass event from Rotterdam, Holland is in this issue.

Examine the real numbers when it comes to cord cutting, as well as how many people have access to the key stations wrestling and MMA are on.

Get details on the ratings for all the national shows over the past week, including breakdown of who was watching all of the WWE shows.

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Also in this issue:

  • Coverage of the Arena Mexico World Grand Prix match
  • CMLL Anniversary show card
  • Major promotion gets U.S. national television deal
  • Update on Sexy Star situation
  • Lineup for AAA Heroes Inmoratles crazy show
  • Notes on this week's AAA TV tapings and angles
  • Notes on GFW talent in Mexico
  • How political issues have kept top talent away from Crash
  • Notes on the latest Crash show in Tijuana
  • Notes on the next major Dragon Gate show
  • More on All Japan's Sumo Hall show
  • More on Rey Fenix and NOAH cancelling his tour
  • Update on Kenny Omega and his knee injury
  • Notes on the debut of Leo Tonga
  • Where Okada's title reign stands in the all-time records
  • Price structure for the Tokyo Dome show
  • This week's major New Japan show
  • Update on New Japan in Australia
  • Notes on Taka Michinoku's 25th anniversary show
  • A couple of major legends shows in Japan including one as the 29th anniversary of a famous Budokan Hall match
  • Update on Stardom Five Star tournament
  • More on Antonio Inoki's new promotion
  • Former NJPW booker putting together new group
  • Fund raiser for Matt Cappotelli
  • Former pro wrestler and MMA fighter had 27 years added to his sentence for killing someone in jail
  • Update on several wrestlers after major surgery
  • Legends in Puerto Rico teased for a match at the anniversary show
  • AAW show coverage
  • Former TNA star in modeling contest
  • Name change for a legendary wrestling venue
  • More on Five Star Wrestling getting weekly TV in 2018
  • Reaction to this news by UK fan base
  • Rey Mysterio headlines tournament in Austria
  • wXw's upcoming tag team tournament
  • Update on Lucha Underground
  • More dates for Kenny Omega in ROH
  • More on Sexy Star/Rosemary situation including Sexy Star gives her side of the story
  • Interesting trivia notes
  • Notes on GFW TV angles
  • Fertittas selling rest of their UFC stock details
  • Where UFC & WWE rank as far as popular sports properties
  • Update on Conor McGreogr
  • UFC fighters get new insurance coverage
  • Notes on this week's show in Edmonton
  • What WWE star will be par the show
  • Update on C.M. Punk in UFC
  • Update on Cain Velasquez
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Rory MacDonald makes interesting comment on Robbie Lawler
  • Why Ben Askren is retiring
  • Fighter told to move up a weight class and why

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WON BACK ISSUE: August 14, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW turmoil, Hall of Fame candidates, more

The turmoil regarding the future of World Championship Wrestling continues with what apparently is a shake-up leaving Brad Siegel backing Vince Russo in complete control of the company. At the same time, the losses continue to escalate, with July's losses estimated at $7 million, the most, by far, of any month in the history of a company now on track to lose close to $80 million over the course of this year.

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