Nov. 11 Big Audio Nightmare: OSAKA thoughts & more musings on Japan

The Big Audio Nightmare returns~! Nearly an hour of audio looking back on last week's New Japan iPPV, looking ahead to the Tokyo Dome, speculating on what New Japan World might be, and news and notes from around the world of Japanese pro wrestling. (Yes, Mike fell asleep and forgot to do the preview!

FREE TODAY! 11/20: Adam & Mike Big Audio Nightmare: We talk about STUFF~!

Only taking nine days between shows, instead of the typical nineteen, the original alternate is back with a FREE show for a quiet week. Topics include, but aren't limited to Andersons DOWN. Gran Hamada DOWN. Is Volk Han next? Nacogdoches diction exercises. Travels with Adam - including taking a trip down to Cobb County Georgia, and other thriving metropolises like Herrin Illinois and Muscatine Iowa. Heeeeey-nging out with Claudio, and seeing C.M. Punk vs. Nigel McGuinness in front of 23 people in Rensselaer Indiana. The REALLY SPACIOUS Amarillo territory loop of days past. Marking out over Jim Ross announcing New Japan, Goodbye Bruce Tharpe, hello Dr. Keith anniversary kudos, the great possibilities of hilarious disaster that could take place under Ganryujima rules, and much more. It's the radio show that knows we're all just Burgan's Barnacles suspended to the reef of life; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here and FREE THIS WEEK at