DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The World Triangle League!

The DKP has rolled up to The Big Figure once again with an hour of power talking wXw's World Triangle League which goes down in Oberhausen this weekend! Markus Gronemann joins Alan to talk all that's happening including Hiroshi Tanahashi's German debut, Jushin Liger vs Tommy End, Walter/Tommy 2/3 Falls, the Ambition shoot style tournament and of course the awesome WTL round robin pairings featuring Zack Sabre Jr, Biff Busick, Kazuki Hashimoto, Rich Swann and many others.

All you need to know heading into a HUGE wrestling weekend in Europe! CHECK IT!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Greatest Wrestler Of All Time Project!

This week on the DKP, we have a very exciting topic to discuss. THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME! Dean Knickerbocker and DKP debutant Steven Graham join Alan to discuss the newly launched GWOAT project launched at Pro Wrestling Only which will culminate on the day of WrestleMania 32 in 2016. The lads give an overview of how the project will work, how YOU can participate, pet candidates, potential number 1's and priority research - all this week on the good Doctor's presentation! CHECK IT!!!

FREE TODAY! DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Five Year Anniversary Celebration Station!!!

It's the fifth year Anniversary of the DKP and we're joined by DK himself! Dr. Keith Lipinski and Joe Gagne sit down with Alan for a chat about a variety of topics which are basically secondary to what is simply a good ol' chat amongst pals. So sit back and enjoy a very fun show for FREE right here at! CHECK IT!!!

Oct 28 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Ragin' Bull Manny Fernandez!

It's been a long time in the making but the DKP has finally brought together Rob Naylor with his main man THE RAGIN' BULL MANNY FERNANDEZ! Manny joins the show along with his good friend Lance Cardoza, promoter of Lucha Xtreme - the company for which Manny is the head trainer.

The Bull discusses his training philosophies, teaming with Rick Rude, breaking in with the other West Texas wrestlers, Dick Murdoch, Dr. Tom Pritchard and more. Before the interview, Rob and Alan catch up with some discussion on NXT, current wrestlers to watch and a ton more. Check out for more on what Manny & Lance have going on, and enjoy the show! CHECK IT!!!