Audio: DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just A To Z's!!! No Preparation H!

The boys are back in toooooowwwwwn!!!! The Just A To Z series returns as Justin and Eamo join Alan to say Hello to the letter H! In a typically scattered conversation, the lads celebrate Halloween by jumping right into the Tongan Death Grip of Haku, strolling through the hot streets of Harlem and hunting for answers as to why Hunter's WWE is floundering right now! A fun show that you can listen to 24/7 whilst being as Hardcore as you like! *no toothpaste was harmed during the making of this show* CHECK IT!!!


The DKP is back and it's time to cast our eye back onto the shores of Japan with the latest rendition of the Alan & Joe Lil' Puro Dream! However, Joe was attacked by masked vigilantes on his way to DKP Studios Massachusetts, and we had to find a replacement. We digged deep and found a gem, a prospect and a future star all in one sickeningly youthful package. So join Alan and DKP debutant Andrew for a plethora of Dragon Gate and New Japan talk ranging from Tomohiro Ishii to Yosuke Santa Maria. A really fun show! CHECK IT!!!

Nov 19 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Joe Lanza's Guide To Late 80's WWF Tag Teams!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Joe Lanza's Guide To Late 80's WWF Tag Teams!!!

This week on the DKP, we are graced by the presence of Voices Of Wrestling co-host Joe Lanza to talk a topic he knows perhaps better than anyone (because the wrestlers damn sure don't remember anything from that drug hazed schedule) - LATE 80's WWF TAG TEAMS!!!! The Bulldogs, The Harts, Strike Force, The Islanders - we go through them all and we barely scratched the surface of Joe's knowledge. Fire up youtube, watch some Fabulous Rougeau matches and sit back with a really fun show talking about it all! CHECK IT!!!