09-01 FIVE STAR RADIO recaps the UFC's PPV that was fun to watch because MMA is awesome

Bear witness as Mike as he recaps last night's UFC in grand detail: The most impressive submission of the night; the most unique ground and pound ever; and all the rest. Plus, we recap random UFC news. Because we can. It's likely the greatest show of the week - until Mike does more later.

09-03 FIVE STAR RADIO previews UFC and Bellator better and in more detail than anyone including you!

Bear witness as Mike is baaaaaaack. This time previewing this FRIDAY'S MMA shows. Both or them. (More UFC than Bellator but still both.) a breakdown not just of Jacare and Mousasi but a hyper specific winner prediction and much justified anti-Armenian ranting. Why is Overeem both a great and not-great striker? BEN something ROTHWELL!! Why to pick for and against Lauzon. Plus: Bellator. Who is fighting. Who isn't. Who do we guess is fighting. Those should be questions but they're almost statements at this point. Anyways. It's an hour of MMA talk bc there just isn't enough audio to listen to from Mr. Mike.

Bigfoot v Arlovski preview, TUF recap, Thiago Silva discussion, women's MMA: 9-12 FREE STAR RADIO

Bear witness as Mike as he previews tomorrow's UFC event from Brazil featuring a fight that happened already and wasn't all that good the first time. Still not a bad show to watch and an even better show to be listen to be previewed. We follow that up by looking at this past Wednesday's ultimate fighter debut in the place of women in MMA in general. Then we will discuss everything happening with Thiago Silva and followed THAT up with some random talk about whatever's happening while I get rained on. Yes, I literally can't stand the rain at the end of the show!

Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson preview, Gomi, Miesha Tate, Akiyama, and more on Free Star Radio 09-18

Bear witness as Mike Previews this Saturday's UFC from Japan. What undercard fight may be the best fight of the night and maybe the year and maybe of all time? Well probably not those last two but definitely the first one. Will Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson deliver? Yes. Is Gomi doomed? How will Japanese fans react to a woman with legs thicker than CroCop who dresses like a bunny? Aaaaand then we recap last week's UFC show. For free. Because it's always free with me...!

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier preview, Cerrone vs Alvarez preview, Cruz etc Five Star Radio AUDIO

Bear witness as Mike previews tomorrow's UFC at the last possible second. There's a good joke about Irish Kryptonite made. A lot of talk about every fight but the boring main-event. But, overall: the norm. For free. Because it's always free with me...!