Silva v Diaz, Jose Aldo steroid accusations, Eddie Alvarez leaving Bellator FIVE STAR RADIO 08-04-14

Bear witness as Mike is continuing his run of amazing audio programming. Join us as we review Guardians of the Galaxy and then talk ALL of the news from this week in MMA: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz; why Jose Aldo is a jerk; an innovative and world-changing idea to save Bellator (kinda...); and all kinds of MMA stuff. It's an amazing show.

Metamoris preview, Sonnen grappling, UFC fighters compete, Jones fight, FREE SHOW FIVE STAR RADIO

Bear witness as Mike previews this weekend's internet PPV METAMORIS! Yup. We (he) talks all about the match-ups for the submission grappling tournament: who will be king of the leg locks?; what fighter might you most care about when the night is over? Will Chael compete? should he be allowed? and if he does how will he do?; nerd ing out over the revolution of grappling; and talk about the Jones-Cormier brawl. Oh and THIS SHOW IS FREE! Not $9.99 but 100% f-r-e-e!!

Free Five Star Radio: Mike talks frankly about mental health and then the usual MMA stuff

Free show

PLEASE NOTE: The first 36 minutes of this show have nothing to do with MMA, BJJ, pro wrestling, comics, etc... It is a very frank and involved talk about mental health and suicide. It is not vulgar but fits the definition of "mature themes." The regular Five Star Radio show, talking about Metamoris recap, WSOF, and other assorted MMA rantings starts at 36:00. Thank you for your understanding.

08-14 Five Star Radio Previews Saturday's UFC in detail. And other MMA stuff

Bear witness as Mike previews this weekend's UFC show. Because somebody had to do it. We go over all the details of the main event that nobody wants to see and we spend too much time ranting about a flyweight fight should be seen but won't. And then because it is mandatory we talked about Jon Jones a little bit.

08-17 Five Star Radio recaps the last UFC and talks all MMA news

Bear witness as Mike recaps this past weekend's UFC: annoying announcing in the main event; a series of dudes looking extra impressive; and a great fight and ... the other fights too. It's what you'd expect. Plus, we cover all the other MMA news that's happened recently and speculate on the real reasons for Chael's recent come clean.

Aug 19 FIVE STAR RADIO (again) previewing this weekend's UFC shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear witness as Mike previews BOTH UFC shows that be happening this weekend. Yes, both of them. Well, the important fights. It's a nice short 40 minutes or so of MMA talk, including a SHOCKINLY prescient discussion of the Eddie Alvarez situation (this was recorded before the news). It's likely the greatest show of the week - until Mike does five more later.

08-27 FIVE STAR RADIO previews the UFC PPV, does UFC news, recaps UFC, does the best MMA show ever

Bear witness as Mike previews this weekend's UFC PPV with detail and enthusiasm that no one else could ever muster. Why does TJ winning prove that Dominik Cruz might be the best BW? WILL TJ win again? Was Barao truly off last time or was he just out classed? And because SOMEONE has to do it: detailed looks at undercard fights like you can't believe. We then talk about the women, which somehow devolves into a discussion on racism, then returns to women talk. Finally, we recap the events of last weekend that the UFC did. It's likely the greatest show of the week - until Mike does more later.

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