Sept 5 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Vince McMahon: Creative Genius or Copycat?

As the title indicates, the question is asked after one of the worst Raw shows in recent (and probably long term) memory: is Vince McMahon a creative genius?  Was he at one time and the gift is gone?  Or is he someone who took the ideas from other companies and gets credit because he placed them on the biggest platform? Of course, we'll talk about this week's Raw and also cover how much territory bookers worked alone vs. bouncing ideas off of others and talk a little NFL on opening weekend.  By the way, if you venture over to our show thread on the board, you'll find a bonus question we'd love to have your opinion on.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


Sept 12 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Rogan on Wrestling, Batista on today's WWE roster, and more~!

This show is almost completely WWE Raw free! Les and Vic spend this show talking about why Joe Rogan's comments on wrestling might just have some truth to them, what has happened to commentary on wrestling shows today, the passing of Sean O'Haire, Big Dave Batista hitting the nail on the head, the debut of Chris Melendez on Impact and more.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


Sept 18 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Night Of Champions Predictions & Smoky Mountain Memories~!

Time for Night of Champions predictions; John Cena can't win...can he?  SIGH. Feel free to stop by our thread on the board and give us your NOC predictions.  Also discussed today: Roman Reigns' promos, what Les thought of the "halftime" idea, how Monday Night Football affected the territories, and some fun talk about Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


FREE TODAY:Sept 25 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Bad Raw Crowds, Ladies Love Les, more~!

Lots to tackle on this week’s show including Vic’s theory on why it seems almost no one gets a good reaction from the crowd on Raw these days, our take on a very interesting interview given by someone recently let go from WWE creative, and Ladies’ Man Les Thatcher back in the day~!

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