Nov 7 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: WWE Wackiness, ROH/NJPW/GFW issues, Mailbag, and more~!

Les and Vic answer your questions on stuff like bad TNA decision making, booking issues that led to relationship issues, one thing to change in wrestling today, what we'd steal from UFC and use in wrestling, and you're invited to watch an AWESOME video with us that we'll talk a lot about next week.  Have a great weekend, and thanks for listening~!


Nov 14 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Vince's SD Rant, Windham/Horsemen Greatness, more~!

Les & Vic check in from the COLD northeast to discuss Vince's Smackdown rant, the greatness of the Barry Windham turn to join the Horsemen, what kind of effect would NBA star Derrick Rose's comments about not rushing back from injury have a pro wrestling locker room, answer your questions about great athletes from other sports Les would recruit to wrestling, Kevin Dunn's love for shaking cameras, and spread some Lucha Underground love!!!!!


Nov 21 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: WON HOF Ballot Thoughts, Survivor Series Predictions, more~!

Survivor Series is FREE on the WWE Network this Sunday, and we’ll close the show by making our PPV predictions.  Before we get there, Les and Vic will talk about the new inductees into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, some of those who are dropping off the ballot and thoughts on some of those who will be debuting or returning to next year’s ballot, like Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, AJ Styles.  That discussion leads to a great story about Cowboy Bob Ellis and the night The Sheik was afraid to go after the Cowboy with his famous foreign object!  Thanksgiving in the USA will have come and gone before our next show, so we hope you have a wonderful holiday and thanks for listening~!


Nov 26 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: All Mailbag, All The Time~!

Just in time for the holiday weekend, this show is pretty much all mailbag!  Les and Vic answer questions about using Sting in WWE, how to work young guys up the cards to get them into the top mix, working in St. Louis and how detail oriented booker Bobby Bruns was, working under a mask, how difficult family life could be in the territories, Les almost becoming WWE TV host on the USA Network and who was the roughest to tangle with: Karl Gotch or Billy Robinson?  Whether you’re listening to this to avoid family squabbles around the table or working off that Pumpkin Pie (or just having a regular weekend outside the USA), we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening~!