Mar 7 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: How to book a Punk return, Training future stars, more~!

CM Punk did not return this past week on Raw but if he really is still in the fold, how should he be brought back?  Les gives his booking idea on that; Vic wonders if we haven't been overstating Punk's (and the internet fans) importance in determining how big Punk not being around really is.  Plus, Paul Bearer, Billy Robinson, a great story about a man's head being put through a wall and more!  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!


Mar 13 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Occupy Raw Debate, Richards on NXT & ROH, CAC Awards, more~!

Les and Vic hoped to talk to Bobby Fulton today, but some technical and location issues that are explained on the show prevented that; we expect Bobby to join us next week.  That said, plenty on the Occupy Raw angle; was it great?  Did WWE co-opt the fans love for Bryan and cheapen it?  We'll discuss that as well as somethings about Raw in general that could use a fresh coat of paint.  We'll also talk Davey Richards take on WWE Developmental and ROH, some of the recipients of awards from the Cauliflower Alley Club this year and much more~!


Mar 21 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Bryan Beatdown, Wrestling at the Chase, much more~!

No, not Super Chico; the beatdown of Daniel Bryan on Raw this week.  Though Senor Alvarez and Lance Storm may not be thrilled to hear Les & Vic talk about that angle. However, happier conversation ensues in speaking about a terrific match from the 60's well worth your time to seek out and watch from the legendary Wrestling at the Chase tv show, which leads to some talk about those great days for St. Louis wrestling, will the wrestling podcast bubble burst and WWE possibly purchasing more tape libraries.  Have a great weekend and thanks for listening~!


Mar 27 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Wrestlemania Rewind, Canada's best, Babyface Shield, more~!

Les and Vic return with an old school centric show this week.  Yes, there is some Raw discussion, including the need to do away with some things and whether or not breaking up the Shield is the greatest idea right now.  However, there's also a great deal that was inspired by Jim Ross this week.  A WWE Legends roundtable discussion about Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie that got quite animated got us talking about The Stomper, Smokey Mountain's "Night of the Legends", and more.  JR's recent Wrestlemania article got us on the topics like what the feeling around the business was regarding Wrestlemania 1, how proud Les was to be a part of the business after Wrestlemania 3 and a few other items from back in the day.  Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening~!


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