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WWE SmackDown live results: Final build to Survivor Series

Two title matches are set for the final SmackDown before Survivor Series.

Figure Four Weekly 11/13/2017: AJ Styles becomes a two-time WWE Champion

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WWE Florence live results: Styles and Nakamura tease a WM match

WWE's European tour ended with one final show for SmackDown before flying back to the United States.

WWE SmackDown video highlights: AJ Styles wins the WWE title

Styles defeated Jinder Mahal in Manchester to become a two-time WWE Champion.

WWE SmackDown live results: Mahal vs. Styles for the WWE title

Jinder Mahal defends the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in Manchester, England.

WWE Aberdeen, SCT, live results: Styles vs. Mahal non-title match

AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal continued to headline SmackDown's European tour house shows ahead of their title match on TV next Tuesday.

WWE Dublin, IRL, live results: Styles vs. Mahal; Bludgeon Brothers debut

A non-title match between Styles and Mahal main evented SmackDown's first european tour show, plus Luke Harper & Erick Rowan wrestled for the first time since being repackaged.

Jinder Mahal vs. AJ Styles WWE title match set for SmackDown

Jinder Mahal's title will be on the line when WWE comes to the Manchester Arena for next week's episode of SmackDown.

WWE announces matches for SmackDown, Survivor Series

Two matches are set for next week's episode of SmackDown and a Cruiserweight title match has been confirmed for Survivor Series.

WWE TLC live results: Kurt Angle returns to the ring, Styles vs. Balor

WWE returns to PPV with a card that underwent a major shakeup in the days before the show.