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GFW Impact results: Bobby Lashley makes his decision

Lashley chose between MMA and pro wrestling as the storyline with American Top Team continued.

Anthem's Ed Nordholm on streaming service plans, commitment to GFW

While appearing on Wrestling Observer Radio, Anthem's Ed Nordholm discussed all the details of GFW's upcoming streaming service and reaffirmed their commitment to the company's future.

GFW Impact results: Eli Drake defends against Matt Sydal

A Global title match headlined an episode that also featured fallout from Triplemania.

GFW Impact results: Drake & Adonis vs. Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards

A tag team main event also had potential future title implications on the latest episode of Impact.

GFW Impact results: Gauntlet for the Gold

A 20-man Gauntlet for the Gold match determined the next GFW Global Champion.

GFW Impact results: Destination X

Big returns, announcements, and matches highlighted a special edition of Impact.

GFW Impact results: The final build to Destination X

A six-man tag match headlined an episode that focused on building to next week.

GFW Impact results: LAX adds a new member

The feud between LAX and Alberto El Patron led to the group revealing their newest member.

GFW Impact results: LAX targets Alberto El Patron

LAX continued their pursuit of El Patron on the latest episode of Impact

GFW Impact results: Alberto El Patron & Lashley vs. LAX

El Patron teamed with Lashley after turning down an invitation to join LAX.