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Impact Wrestling results: Low Ki makes his return

Global Force Wrestling is no more, Lashley defends against Storm, and Low Ki returns in a six-way X Division title match.

TNA Impact Wrestling results: Damien Sandow gets a new name

A familiar face gets a new name and Bobby Lashley faces James Storm with every TNA singles title on the line.

TNA Impact Results 10-21 Lashley vs. EC3

Week three of the World Title Series continues as Austin Aries faces Ken Anderson, DJZ faces Tigre Uno, and EC3 battles Bobby Lashley in the main event.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/14: Storm vs. Roode, Shera vs. Crazzy Steve, Hardy vs. Richards

The second week of the World Title Series continues as Matt Hardy faces Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards battles Robbie E, Mahabali Shera faces Crazzy Steve, and in the main event Robert Roode faces James Storm for the final time.