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Percival A. Friend passes away

Al Friend, who was best known as a manager in the Central States during the 70s as Percival A. Friend, passed away today after what was reported as a  lengthy illness.

Friend was 70.

Friend started as in wrestling in his native Flint, MI, as a ring announced in 1963.  Shortly thereafter, he started working as a referee, and then a masked wrestler, often using the name The Green Hornet.

WWE announces loaded go-home show for Hell in a Cell pay-per-view

With WWE ratings at historic lows, the company has announced a loaded up go-home show for Hell in a Cell.

The final Raw before the PPV, on October 19th from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX, has announced a lineup for the show that includes Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair along with Hell in a Cell headliners Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. With the go-home Raw being in Dallas, and it being the final show in the market until WrestleMania, it is expected that significant WrestleMania 32 news will come out of that event.

With 'Nature Boy', ESPN opens a door for WWE Network to bust through

Ric Flair

In watching ESPN's 30 For 30 documentary on Ric Flair, Josh Nason thinks WWE Network should take advantage of all the buzz with their own series.

UFC 217 Observer Panel Picks: NYC, MSG, GSP

UFC 217

As we await Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre at UFC's return to MSG, enjoy the Wrestling Observer UFC 217 panel picks.

Should Pedro Morales be in the Wrestling Observer HoF?

Pedro Morales

Dan Marsiglia makes the case for Pedro Morales to be voted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

The Week In Japanese Wrestling: Joe Doering wins AJPW's Triple Crown

Alan4L looks at Joe Doering's journey from beating cancer to winning the Triple Crown.

The Week In Japanese Wrestling: WRESTLE-1 on the rise

Alan4L takes a look at WRESTLE-1 and the young talent leading the promotion.

The Week In British Wrestling: Dunne and Marufuji meet in London

Marufuji comes to London, new promotions debut, and more from a busy week.

Missy Hyatt remembers Lance Russell

The First Lady of Wrestling remembers her time with Lance Russell.

UFC 216 Observer Panel Picks: Two title fights and history in the making

UFC 216

A great lightweight interim title fight headlines Saturday's UFC 216, supported by flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson gunning for history.