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WWE Raw to air live on Christmas and New Year's Day

With both Christmas and New Year's Day set to fall on Mondays in the upcoming months, WWE has already announced their broadcast plans for those holiday-themed episodes of Raw.

The company revealed today that Raw will air live on both Mondays. WWE.com's announcement said: "This marks the first time that WWE will present Monday night’s hottest show live on the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. These unprecedented broadcasts aim to best serve you, the WWE Universe, during the holiday season."

It would appear that this is actually the second time that the show will air live on New Year's Day, with the January 1st, 2007 episode having been a live broadcast.

Both December 25th and January 1st are fairly significant days for sports on television in the United States. The NBA has a few marquee matchups on Christmas, with New Year's Day having historically been a big spot on the college football bowl game calendar.