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WWE 205 Live results: Neville and Enzo Amore go face to face

The show began with a recap of Enzo Amore's run on 205 Live so far. The rundown of the fatal five-way match where he won the Cruiserweight title shot got over how much work Cedric Alexander did, only to have Amore steal the pin and the shot at the championship.

Amore getting squashed by Braun Strowman and getting hit with the Red Arrow by Neville was shown to end things.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness hyped up Amore and Neville meeting face to face tonight, then Alexander came down and we saw Jack Gallagher destroy him last week. Brian Kendrick was out to hopefully give us a decisive result.

Cedric Alexander defeated Brian Kendrick

Alexander sent Kendrick out with a giant back elbow before landing a low suicide dive. Kendrick came back with a big boot for two. Kendrick stayed on offense while fans were shown leaving their seats.

Kendrick locked on a chinlock before hitting a Japanese arm drag into the buckle. He landed some Camel Clutch-position crossfaces before locking on a straightjacket choke, but Alexander recovered and hit the springboard lariat for two. Kendrick avoided a flip and hit a calf kick, but Alexander reversed a rolling cradle and won it.

Gallagher jumped Alexander on the ramp and rained down punches. Kendrick locked on an abdominal stretch before Gallagher landed a series of kicks to the ribs. A headbutt knocked out Alexander, who had a great glassy-eyed stare.

Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado was announced for later before Drew Gulak walked backstage to prepare to come out for commentary.

Gallagher said that he has learned a lesson -- he can be nice, but he'd rather be a winner. Kendrick is helping him see that because he can go through life with a scar, and can't stand to be a joke.

Gulak came down to a new, more boring theme. His PowerPoint presentation from last week was shown, along with him being arrested by the Fashion Police. Gulak said he is a man with big ideas and he will not be persecuted by the Fashion Police. Gulak said he will use his attorney to sue them -- and he will also represent himself.

Gulak doesn't like chants, and he absolutely doesn't like Akira Tozawa's chants. Gulak called himself a 205 Live Hall of Famer before going to his presentation. He would like to ban cell phones, and used a graphic of a flip phone from 2005 to show it.

Tozawa interrupted the presentation to wrestle. How dare he -- Gulak was only on slide four of 277! Noam Dar was out to hopefully defend Gulak's honor here.

Akira Tozawa defeated Noam Dar

Dar hit a nice big boot in the corner, but Tozawa hit a penalty kick and a senton before stomping a mudhole in him. Dar hit a running soccer kick to the knee of Tozawa but tripped over him and only got two.

Dar went for a Saito suplex, but Tozawa avoided it and hit a big elbow before hitting a suicide dive. Dar recovered quickly and applied a half crab into a cover for two. Tozawa knocked him down and got the senton off the top for the win. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands with the "Ha!" chants.

We saw TJP lose to Swann last week before they met backstage. TJP apologized to him and said that they are manufacturing magic against each other and he wants one more match. Swann entered to face Dorado, but Dorado was beaten up backstage.

Swann went back to help him, but TJP jumped him and tore some of his hair out before punting his ribs and doing a Detonation Kick on the guardrail.

Neville said we're five days away from No Mercy and plugged the pay-per-view's biggest matches before getting to his. Neville said that Amore is a stain on the moral fabric of life, and he isn't anywhere near ready to step into his world.

Amore was out with a taped up shoulder, with Neville preventing him from doing all of his catchphrases to mock him for dancing like a chicken and mocking him for his "How you doin'?" deal.

Amore said that he puts the superstar in WWE superstar, and he hangs out with Drake and The Weeknd on the weekend. He's the shark in Neville's water and Neville warns him that if he treats him like a game, he'll show him how it's played.

Neville said Amore may have better merchandise sales, but he can't fight -- so he's doomed to fail on Sunday. He can't kick him low to win, and he can only hope to survive. Amore agreed and said yeah, it isn't Sunday -- so he kicked Neville low to make one final statement before No Mercy.