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WWE Main Event results: Mickie James vs. Emma

The Big Takeaway: Mickie James beating Emma was the most noteworthy aspect of a fairly run-of-the-mill show that featured TJP and Lince Dorado in the main event.


Mickie James defeated Emma (5:50)

Mickie James comes out to mark her debut appearance on Main Event, while it also marks over a year for her opponent, Emma. Emma’s last outing on this show was way back in April of 2016 in a loss against Paige.

James takes the early going, showing her veteran experience and outwitting Emma at every turn. A neat dropkick from James gets an early near fall. Emma then ducks under the rope to get a breather. She uses it to her advantage and goes on the offensive. When she connects with a powerbomb, we cut to Dana Brooke, who is backstage watching the action on a television in her dressing room.

After Emma applies a full nelson, James gets out but is planted with a clothesline for two. Emma hangs her in the tree of woe and slides outside and pulls her hair around the ring post. Emma goes back to the full nelson, but James works her way out and gets the heat.

James uses clotheslines and a flapjack and then comes off the top rope with a Thesz press for two. She finally beats Emma with the Mickie DT. As James celebrates, we cut backstage and see Brooke, but it comes to nothing and we go to a break.

TJP defeated Lince Dorado (4:31)

Both these men are so proficient in all aspects of what’s needed in the ring, particularly TJP. His unique offense starts early here as he uses a headstand headscissors takedown into a near fall. After exchanging intricate interchanges, Dorado chops TJP and dropkicks him, forcing him to take a walk to regroup.

Dorado teases the suicide dive, then when TJP runs away, Dorado stops, looks at the crowd, and mimics his dab. The crowd loves this and Dorado, who is now oozing confidence, clearly loves the reaction. Dorado invites him back in, drop toeholds him, and slaps on a rest hold as we head to commercials.

Dorado is in control when we return; he hits a top rope moonsault, a belly-to-belly, and a springboard stunner on TJP, who just manages to kick out of the cover. TJP crotches Dorado but is thrown off onto the mat. Dorado goes for the shooting star press, but TJP rolls out of the way and is able to use the Detonation Kick for the win.