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WWE NXT results: Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven for the UK title

The Big News: Tyler Bate successfully defended the WWE UK Championship in the main event, defeating Trent Seven.

The Medium News: The Authors of Pain, DIY, and The Revival continue down their path towards an eventual three-way collision.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce improved to 250-2 in their ongoing feud with Liv Morgan, this time winning a tag team match.


NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain defeated Garrison Spears & Lance Anoa'i

The new champs attacked their foes from the start and it was a complete squash match. They debuted a new move where they both used a Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles and picked up the win with The Last Chapter.

Akam and Rezar gave their fallen foes the Super Collider after the match. I couldn't understand Nigel McGuinness' introduction of the opponents. I thought he called Anoa'i “Ron Senoa,” but according to closed captioning, it was Lance Anoa'i.


We got the Tyler Bate video package that they have aired at least four times already.


Shinsuke Nakamura is training to come back from his knee injury.


Billie Kay & Peyton Royce defeated Ember Moon & Liv Morgan

The ongoing feud between Liv Morgan and the evil Australian ladies continued in this tag match. Morgan beat Billie Kay last week in spite of interference by Royce. Morgan was challenged to find a partner and she did in Ember Moon.

The heels got the heat when Moon was on the middle rope, but due to shenanigans the referee was distracted by Morgan, so Kay and Royce yanked Moon off the ropes. The heat on Moon didn't last too long, as she was able to make the tag to Morgan, who ran wild on Royce.

A Pier Six brawl broke out. Kay booted Moon off the apron, and pinned Morgan after a double team knee to the head.


We got a recap in the ongoing saga between Tye Dillinger and SAnitY, which covered the entire show last week.

Andrea D'Marco interviewed Roderick Strong and No Way Jose about why they sided with Dillinger. Strong and Jose basically said they are behind Dillinger because a four-on-one beatdown is not fair, and if SAnitY isn't stopped they won't settle with just beating Dillinger and will go after the entire roster.


The former NXT Tag Team Champions, DIY, were out next for a promo. They thanked the fans for naming them Tag Team of the Year before turning their attention to The Authors of Pain. Gargano said in San Antonio they saw doubt in AOP's eyes, and on that night DIY may have been beaten, but they weren't broken. Now they want their title rematch.

Paul Ellering came out and said their match would be in two weeks. DIY wanted it now, so The Revival ran in from out of nowhere and took out DIY! Revival laid them out with the Shatter Machine and ran away before AOP ran in to the ring.


Next up was the Trent Seven video package we have seen three or four times.


A video package aired for the returning Kassius Ohno.


William Regal announced that next week will be a triple threat match with Liv Morgan, Ember Moon, and Peyton Royce. The winner will face Asuka in two weeks for the Women's Championship.

Afterwards it was also announced Pete Dunne would wrestle Mark Andrews next week.


WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defeated Trent Seven to retain his title

This was a battle between regular tag team partners. Bate, of course, won the United Kingdom Championship tournament, while Seven went down in defeat in the quarterfinals to Wolfgang.

The match started with a series of lock-ups. The first time Seven backed Bate into the ropes and twirled Bate's mustache. The second time Bate backed Seven into the ropes and twirled Seven's mustache. The match started slowly and built up into a very good match.

Nigel McGuinness encouraged them on commentary to start taking risks and, almost as if they heard him, the match picked up from there. Bate did a beautiful dive over the top rope and Seven came back with a falcon arrow.

Seven went for the Seven Star Lariat (Rainmaker), but Bate ducked it and used his airplane spin. Seven hit a powerbomb, which turned into a single leg crab when Bate kicked out. The champ got out of that, but got hit with a Seven Star Lariat for a near fall.

Bate came back with an exploder suplex off the top rope, but Seven kicked out. Seven hit a spinning back fist, but Bate hit a rolling kick and the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. The tag team partners shook hands and embraced after the match.

This was an excellent match and more than worth checking out on the Network. That does it for this week. Thank you all for reading, and until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!