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WWE Raw live results: The build to No Mercy continues

The Big Takeaway: Braun Strowman continues to be handled extremely strong. First, he no sold a german suplex in a showdown against Brock Lesnar, then left Lesnar laying with a chokeslam and a powerslam. Later, Strowman wrestled Cena for the first time ever, a match where Strowman got 85% of the offense and laid him out with a powerslam on the ring steps. While Reigns and Cena had another dueling interview with shoot comments, it wasn't even the best segment of the night where the lines of fantasy and reality got blurred. That belonged to the Miz, who announced that Maryse was pregnant. Enzo Amore was the guest on MizTV, which led to Miz doing such a strong interview the fans cheered him over Amore. Also, there was a debut vignette for Asuka, announced by Michael Cole as a hot new free agent signed by Angle.

Show Recap: 

Roman Reigns defeated Jason Jordan (15:17) 

Reigns won with the Superman punch and spear. Jason Jordan was given an inordinate amount of offense in an effort to protect him as a up and coming star. Reigns tried the Superman punch early, but Jordan moved and got a crossface, which led to Reigns making a rope escape. Jordan got several variations of a belly-to-belly throw and clamped on another crossface before Reigns got to the ropes again. Reigns, who disrespected Jordan last week in his faceoff with Cena, shook Jordan's hand afterward. Solid match. Cena watched in the back. Charly Caruso walked up to Cena after the match and asked if he had anything to say about Reigns. Cena said he did, but he wanted to say it to Reigns' face. 

Cena came out and said last week, Reigns was upset that Jordan nearly defeated Cena. Now, Jordan almost defeated Reigns, so Reigns had some explaining to do. Cena said Reigns should keep his answer to one sentence, like "It's my yard, Believe that." Reigns responded that he has had more great matches in two years than Cena has had in his whole career. Cena said Reigns makes it easy for him because Reigns buries himself on the mic. Cena said Reigns has his head up his ass he's like a one-man human centipede. Cena said no one has ever cut Regins down to size, which is why he's here. Cena said he challenges himself everyday to try everything while Reigns already feels like he's made it, and in life, the second you feel like you've made it is the beginning of the end. Cena said Reigns is going to learn what failure feels like. Cena said every week he gives Reigns to take a shot to take him to school and Reigns fails and fails and fails. That's not what THE guy does. The guy steps up, THE guy stays sharp and the guy does his homework, which Reigns should have done before he dragged his sorry ass out there. Cena said if Reigns really is the guy then Reigns will show Cena something at No Mercy, but Cena can look in Reigns eyes and tell that Regins doesn't have it. Cena said No Mercy is going to be a cakewalk. 

Cena started to leave but Reigns called him a bitch ass. Reigns said the weird thing is usually another superstar comes out and calls out Cena because that way they can make a name for themselves, but Cena came to Raw and called him out. Reigns wondered why that is? Maybe it was because Reigns was selling the tickets that Cena hasn't sold in five years. Reigns said Cena believes Reigns isn't doing his job, but ticket sales are great, revenue is sky high and the WWE can make it without Cena. The WWE doesn't need Cena, Cena needs WWE. Reigns said Cena can't break into Hollywood and if Cena needed to get in the movies, Reigns could hook him up with a guy. Reigns told Cena to spin it whatever why Cena wants to because it won't be anything since Cena can't back it up.

Cena responded that sometimes when people push you over the line you fight fire with fire. Cena told Reigns at No Mercy, "Consider me like a drug test, homes, you ain't getting past me." Crowd seemed stunned by that line as Cena dropped the mic and walked off. 

Cena is wrestling Strowman later tonight. 

Sasha Banks defeated Emma via submission (7:18) 

Banks won with the Bank Statement after Emma hit a crossbody as Banks was laying on the bottom turnbuckle. Bliss was on commentary. Jax came out and joined her midway through the match. Bliss basically talked about how she wasn't happy that she had to defend her Raw Women's Championship in a four-way match where she doesn't even have to get pinned to lose the championship. Jax sounded bored. 

Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out. Heyman said his job tonight was to sell the fans on something that, in his opinion, has already been sold. Heyman called Strowman the single-most worthy challenger to the Universal Championship in ages. Heyman said the odds are against Lesnar for the first time since Lesnar defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Heyman brought up how Strowman powerslammed Lesnar through two tables at SummerSlam and laid waste to Lesnar the following night. Heyman said Strowman is stronger and bigger than Lesnar, but Heyman asked if Strowman is better than Lesnar? Heyman said Strowman reminds him of Lesnar in 2002 when Lesnar conquered the Rock, Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam. Heyman asked if Strowman was ready to cross the border from the safety of sports entertainment into the hostile environment of Suplex City. Heyman said when they (not using the name UFC) used to lock his client in the Brocktogon and say "fighter, are you ready?" So Heyman basically challenged Strowman to come out and he did. 

Strowman came down and missed a clothesline. Strowman missed a charge in the corner and Lesnar hit a German Suplex and celebrated. But Strowman popped right up and looked Lesnar right in the eye. Lesnar looked stunned. Strowman gave Lesnar a choke slam and a powerslam. Strowman walked over to the corner where Heyman watched in awe, grabbed the Universal Championship and put his foot over Lesnar. Then he put the belt on a prone Lesnar. Corey Graves put over how no one has ever done that to Lesnar before and it's becoming a regular occurance that Strowman is leaving Lesnar laying. 

Bray Wyatt defeated Goldust (2:05) 

Wyatt won with Sister Abigail. Goldust actually hit a somersault bodyblock off the apron to the floor. I guess whoever Goldust was supposed to introduce as his new protege at SummerSlam was an idea that faded into oblivion, as did Goldust's babyface turn. Before the match, Wyatt cut a promo on Goldust saying he hid behind his makeup, just like Balor. Postmatch, Wyatt wiped the paint off Goldust's face and screamed that Goldust was just a man, just like Balor. That got Wyatt the most heat he's had in a while. Balor ran down to chase Wyatt away. 

Sheamus and Cesaro did an interview with Caruso. They're wrestling Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tonight. Sheamus said Anderson and Gallows are a bigger threat than Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Sheamus said while they don't like Anderson and Gallows, but at least Anderson and Gallows were a team. Cesaro said when they face Ambrose and Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championships at No Mercy, they will prove that Rollins and Ambrose aren't a unified team. Cesaro said it was easy to be a team when times were good, but when things are going bad, Rollins and Ambrose will turn on each other like a pack of wolves. Sheamus said they will prove that they don't set the bar, they are the bar. 

Anderson & Gallows vs. Sheamus & Cesaro just ended with a brawl. Rollins and Ambrose were on commentary attempting comedy with binoculars. Sheamus and Cesaro made their entrance and started brawling with Sheamus and Cesaro. Gallows and Anderson joined in, first taking out the tag team champions. Then Sheamus & Cesaro brawled with Anderson and Gallows before referees and Jamie Noble came in to break it up. 

This led to Ambrose and Rollins going to Kurt Angle demanding to face "those guys" tonight. Angle wondered "Which guys?' Rollins said all four of them. Angle said as long as Rollins and Ambrose can find two tag team partners, they can face Sheamus, Cesaro, Anderson and Gallows in an eight-man tonight. Ambrose joked they'll go to Disneyland and get Mickey Mouse as a tag partner if they had to. Angle said Mickey Mouse would be a good partner.  

Michael Cole and Graves announced that Angle had signed the hottest free agent and put her on Raw. Then the first vignette for Asuka aired.

Jax and Bliss watched this in the back. Bliss was unhappy about Asuka and was unhappy about the Fatal Four-Way at No Mercy. Bliss tried to make friends with Jax again saying the two of them should have a one-on-one match. Bliss asked to be friends again. Jax said Bliss probably wouldn't want to be friends with her after what she did earlier today. Bliss asked what did Jax do? Jax said she went to Angle and arranged to have a match against Bliss next week. 

Elias sang a song about how Anaheim sucked, including the Mighty Ducks, who haven't been called the Mighty Ducks in a decade. Kalisto interrupted him. 

Elias defeated Kalisto (4:26) 

Elias won with drift away. Kalisto attempted a huracanrana after a spin kick, but Elias drilled him with a power bomb. 

John Cena defeated Braun Strowman by DQ (13:02) 

This was a slaughter where Strowman threw Cena from pillar to post. Cena took the most punishment since his SummerSlam match against Lesnar. Strowman bearhugged him into the post, delivered one power move after another. Cena made a brief comeback and attempted the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Strowman got up and hit a spinebuster. Cena did get the AA, but Strowman immediately rolled out of the ring. Cena ran around the ring, but Strowman was waiting on him and Cena ran into the ring steps that Strowman was holding. Strowman put the ring steps in the ring and gave Cena a powerslam on top of them for the DQ. 

Reigns watched this match from the back. When Caruso asked him about the bout, Reigns smirked and said the monster didn't show Cena any mercy, and neither will he. 

Ambrose and Rollins were backstage looking around for tag team partners. Ambrose walked up to two stagehands and asked them if they had ever been in a tag team match. They stared back wtih blank looks. Then they came up on Dean Malenko and Noble. Ambrose noted it was the man of 1,000 holds, but Malenko had a suit on and wasn't dressed for the match. Finally, they stumbled on Jeff and Matt Hardy and the eight-man tag was set. 

The Miz came out and said he and Maryse had an announcement that would change the WWE forever. Miz said they waited long and hard about how they wanted to announce this so the decided to do it.  Maryse announced they were having a baby, which got a big pop. Miz pledged he will be there for his child from day one, unlike Angle. Miz prepared a poem that was interrupted by Enzo Amore's music. I don't know how much Graves' remarks are a shoot or a work, but earlier he said that Amore won't have to pay the Papparazzi to follow him around by appearing on MizTV. 

Miz was made about Enzo interrupting a tender moment. Enzo said he wanted to celebrate and told Maryse "How ya doin'?" Miz said Enzo doesn't think before he speaks. He said when Big Cass and Enzo made it to the Raw roster, they were the next big thing. They sold out merchandise but look at Enzo now. Miz said Enzo doesn't know when to shut his mouth, he doesn't listen, which is why he is kicked out of WWE tour buses and the WWE locker room. Miz said Enzo honestly thought that Enzo chose to bring his personality to the cruiserweight division, but the truth was there was nowhere else for Enzo to go because no one on the Raw roster who can stand Enzo. And that was coming from Miz. Miz said he had been in Enzo's shoes. He's rubbed people the wrong way in the WWE, but he changed his ways and he earned respect. Miz said Enzo ruined the most sacred moment in his life. Miz said he sees so much promise in Enzo but Enzo makes mistake after mistake after mistake and he was sick of watching it. Miz said Neville hones his craft in the WWE, his only care in the WWE is to perfect his craft. He said all Enzo cares about is hanging out with third-rate rappers. That's why Enzo has to cheat to win. Miz said Enzo doesn't have a 7-foot meal ticket anymore. Miz said all Enzo is now is a con artist with a couple of catchphrases. 

Enzo said Miz wanted to get real. Enzo said he was the realest guy in the room. (That got boos). Enzo said he and Miz have been in similar situations, but they have nothing in common. Miz got heat in the locker room because he copied Chris Jericho and Ric Flair. Enzo said he was an original while Miz was a carbon copy of other people. Enzo said he was going to No Mercy and beating Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship and he has no problem coming back on Raw and beating Miz because Miz was nothing but a paper champion. Miz asked the crowd if he was a paper champion. Crowd largely said no, which tells you who was winning this debate. Miz said if Enzo was championship material, his best friend wouldn't have abadoned him. Enzo said he may not have a lot of friends, but the only two things he needs to fight Miz is what he has right now. Miz said Enzo had no idea what he was getting into and he was going to show Enzo how to walk, look and talk like a champion. Miz said he was going to dedicate his victory to his unborn child. Crowd cheered Miz, who was treated like a babyface in this segment, not just in terms of fan reaction but in terms of dialogue. Enzo said he would apologize to Miz's child when he was born but Daniel Bryan was right, there was only one word to describe Miz "SAWFT." Even with that final line, Miz came off as the clear winner in this verbal duel. 

Enzo Amore defeated Intercontinental Champion The Miz by DQ in a nontitle match (2:59) 

Match was Amore and Miz exchanging put-downs over the PA mic with a few spots in between. Amore started by saying Miz was an A-lister but he wrestling ability was strickly straight-to-DVD, "How ya doin?" Miz reacted to that like Lanny Poffo's opponents after he got finished ready poetry running them down, beating up Amore. Miz then did the old Jerry Lawler gimmick of doing commentary over the PA on his own match and climbed to the top rope. Enzo crotched him and said, as far as his new child is concerned, maybe the question that Miz should be asking isn't "How ya doin?" but "Who's your daddy?" Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas immediately jumped on Amore and laid him out. Miz gave him a skull crushing finale. Miz ended this strange segment by kissing Maryse and the two raised each others hands to mostly cheers. 

Amore was backstage trying to recover when Neville walked up. Neville simply laughed at him and walked off. 

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Jeff and Matt Hardy defeated Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Sheamus and Cesaro (13:14)

Gallows and Anderson attempted the Magic Killer on Ambrose, who kicked Anderson away and hit Gallows with a rebound clothesline. Sheamus tagged in, but Ambrose moved and Sheamus hit his shoulder against the post. Ambrose backdropped Cesaro over the top rope and tagged Rollins, who hit a blockbuster on Anderson, followed by a tope on Gallows. Rollins nailed a springboard clothesline on Anderson and a superkick for a two count. Jeff Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Gallows, then Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Gallows. Sheamus and Cesaro watched from ringside while the Hardys and Ambrose kept them at bay. Cesaro and Sheamus opted not to help their teammates as Rollins hit the Rainmaker knee on Anderson, Ambrose got Dirty Deeds and Rollins pinned Anderson.