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WWE SmackDown live results: Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles

SmackDown travels down the road to WrestleMania with the fallout of Elimination Chamber on an episode tonight from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. 

The show opened with Bray Wyatt appearing for the first time on SmackDown as the new holder of the WWE Championship, having won the title in the Elimination Chamber this past Sunday. Wyatt began to address the audience as the crowd chanted "you deserve it."

Wyatt went on to say he had the whole world in his hands, holding up the WWE title belt. He welcomed everyone to the era of Wyatt just before John Cena's entrance theme interrupted his victory speech.

Cena confronted Wyatt in the ring. While congratulating Wyatt on winning the title, Cena said he deserved it. The crowd chanted some more. Cena then said no one actually deserves the title, they earn it. Cena then wanted a title match right then and there.

AJ Styles entered the scene to say he wanted a title match before Cena. Styles was over huge with the crowd. Styles said this was about him, not Cena. Styles wanted his title shot right then and there too, just like Cena.

General Manager Daniel Bryan interrupted Styles' rant. The title match tonight was advertised as Cena challenging Wyatt, but Bryan added Styles in the match to make it a thriple threat. So, the main event for later in the show is now Wyatt defending against both Cena and Styles.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated The Ascension

Chad Gable was mat wrestling and getting the better of Viktor when Connor jumped in and everybody started brawling. American Alpha cleaned house and cleared the ring. John Layfield on commentary moments earlier name dropped the Steiners, which was fitting as Jason Jordan began running around the ring barking like he was Rick Steiner.

After a commercial break, Ascension was getting heat on Gable as they isolated him on their side of the ring. Getting the hot tag, Jordan ran wild until he was cut off. Ascension went back to working over Gable. Jordan made the save then he and Gable executed Grand Amplitude. Gable covered Viktor for the pinfall.

The Usos appeared on the Titantron to threaten American Alpha. That appears to be the next program for the champions.

Carmella and James Ellsworth were chatting backstage. Carmella was telling him they should keeps things strictly professional. Deam Ambrose stormed in searching for Baron Corbin. He stopped to give Ellsworth some advice, basically telling him to dump Carmella.

Carmella asked Ellsworth, "Jimmy, are you going to let this gas station attendant talk to me like that?"

Ellsworth was stammering when Daniel Bryan interrupted them doing the Mr. Belding gimmick of asking what was going on here. Ambrose said he was looking for Corbin. Carmella did not like Ambrose's attitude. Ambrose asked for permission to fight Ellsworth, and Bryan booked a match for later on.

Following a commercial break, Carmella and Ellsworth were in the ring. Ellsworth told the crowd not to boo Carmella, claiming the only "boo" was his Carmella.

Ambrose's entrance theme began playing over the house speakers and Corbin dragged out a limp Ambrose onstage. As Corbin began to pummel him, Amrbose fired up. They brawled around the stage with Corbin putting Ambrose through a table. Upon impact, sparks flew from electronic equipment and Ambrose landed in a heap.

Backstage, Bryan was telling Nikki Bella that her and Natalya have to stop getting into brawls. Nattie confronted them and a brawl ensued. Bryan flipped out and started yelling, screaming they keep fighting everywhere except the ring. Therefore, Bryan made a falls count anywhere match for next week with Nikki against Natalya.

Roving reporter Dasha Fuentes stopped Corbin backstage and asked for an explanation on the reason he attacked Ambrose. Corbin basically said Ambrose eliminated him from the Chamber match, so he eliminated Ambrose.

Renee Young interviewed Dolph Ziggler, asking him if he was a sore loser due to his post-match attack at Elimination Chamber. He was apparently making a point, and will continue to do so until his point is made. He steals the show, and plans to put others in their place.

Mickie James defeated Becky Lynch

James got her win back after dropping a fall to Lynch on Sunday, which in WWE logic meant Lynch took most of the offense in this match before losing. Lynch was getting the better of James, so James took a powder and gained a brief advantage until Lynch quickly cut her off. They both went down after a double clothesline on the floor just before a commercial.

After the break, James had Lynch grounded and was working her neck. Lynch had a hope spot that was quickly dashed, though she got a few near falls. Lynch knocked James off the apron. James started selling her shoulder, telling the referee she thought it was separated. The heel was playing possum however. James jumped up and hit Lynch with a Mick Kick before covering her for the pin.

Renee Young conducted an in-ring interview with new SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi, who said she suffered an injury at Elimination Chamber. Alexa Bliss interrupted Naomi and confronted her in the ring.

Alexa claimed Naomi was faking the injury before saying her story would make a good 30 For 30 episode. Alexa went on to demand her title rematch, giving Naomi a one week ultimatum. 

TJ Perkins cut a short promo hyping a match for 205 Live tonight where he challenges Neville for the Cruiserweight title. That show also features the debut of Gran Metalik (Mascara Dorada) and a full recap is here.

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena & AJ Styles in a triple threat match to retain

Luke Harper appeared during Wyatt's entrance to attack him. Harper gave Wyatt a beat down and dropped him with a superkick.

The match was joined in progess after a commercial break. Cena and Styles were fighting in the ring with Cena about to attempt a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Wyatt tripped Cena and dragged him out of the ring where he threw Cena into the steps. Styles then leapt over the top rope to the outside with a flying forearm smash on Wyatt.

With Cena down selling, Styles squared off with Wyatt back in the ring. Wyatt seemingly killed Styles with a stiff shoulder tackle before dumping him outside. On cue, Cena hit the ring to run wild on Wyatt and do the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Wyatt countered an attempted Attitude Adjustment then went for Sister Abigail. Cena escaped just in time for Styles to fly into the ring with a flying forearm on Wyatt. Cena immediately swooped in to the execute an AA on Styles. Styles kicked out for a close near fall as the crowd freaked out.

Cena ran into Wyatt and fell victim to Sister Abigail. Wyatt covered Cena only for Styles to fly in the ring to make the save. All three were laying prone and selling as the show faded into the final commercial break.

When the show returned, Styles leapt off the barricade trying the put Wyatt through an announce table. Styles splashed Wyatt but the table failed to break. So, Styles jumped off the barricade with a flying legdrop to break the table.

Styles springboarded into the ring and Cena caught him to deliver an AA. Cena went for a second AA and Styles countered that into applying the Calf Crusher. Cena escaped and countered his way into a STF. Styles appeared ready to tap when Wyatt broke up the submission hold with a senton.

Wyatt stalked Cena only to take an AA for a near fall. Styles cut off Cena and executed a Styles Clash for another near fall. 

For the finish, Styles went for a springboard and Cena tripped him up. Styles tumbled to the floor as Cena walked into Wyatt's grasp to meet Sister Abigail. Wyatt then pinned Cena to retain the title, ending a great match.

Afterwards, Randy Orton walked to the ring and confronted Wyatt. Orton pledged his allegiance to Wyatt, saying he could not challenge for the title at WrestleMania despite being the top contender.

Orton kneeled at Wyatt's feet. Wyatt told Orton he had "the keys to the kingdom." The show closed with them posing in the darkness as the illuminated WrestleMania sign loomed overhead in the background.