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WWE SmackDown live results: Hell in a Cell fallout

Date: October 10, 2017
Location: Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI

The Big Takeaway --

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are best friends again. Zayn helped Owens after realizing Shane didn’t care about him or Owens and took the Hell in a Cell match too far. Zayn was tired of being the nice guy and did the right thing in helping Owens. See more details below.

Baron Corbin beat AJ Styles clean to retain his US title. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin are the next contenders for the Usos’ tag titles. The Usos and New Day appeared to come to a truce out of respect. It felt like a face turn for the Usos, but it might have just been for this one segment.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was not on the show.

This wasn’t played up on the broadcast, but next week’s show is in Daniel Bryan’s hometown of Seattle.

Show Recap -- 

They aired a recap of Kevin Owens’ victory at Hell in a Cell. Tom Phillips said we will hear from Sami Zayn and Owens tonight. There was a shot of the live crowd and they’re only showing one side of the arena again.

The Usos came out to start the show. They got a mixed reaction. They welcomed everyone to the Uso Penitentiary and called out New Day, who obliged. I guess Big E was ready with a microphone because there was no delay.

The Usos said the two teams in the ring are the best teams on SmackDown and the rest of the teams suck. Xavier Woods said the rest didn’t suck, but agreed their teams were the best. The Usos put over their HIAC match and their rivalry, which the crowd cheered.

The Usos said the crowd sees what happens in the ring, but they don’t see what they go through afterwards--how one of them could only drive with one arm, how the hotel receptionist wondered if they were ok, how they have to find some way to comfort their kids. The Usos said only the New Day could understand all that.

Big E asked if they knocked a screw loose, and Woods and Kingston wondered if they wanted an “Uce truce.” The Usos said they respected the New Day. They were about the shake hands but the Hype Bros interrupted.

Mojo Rawley said they were tired of the same two teams every week. The Usos told Rawly to sit on the sidelines like he did his entire NFL career. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, now with matching gear, interrupted. Gable told the Hype Bros to get behind them in line.  

The Usos said Gable was smart for finding Benjamin but told them to get to the back of the line. Breezango came out next to a big reaction. Before they could speak, Ascension interrupted. Usos told all the other teams they were locked up--except Breezango, because they like the Fashion Files.

Daniel Bryan interrupted. He said tonight was not a great night for this and the crowd booed. Bryan thanked the Usos and New Day for their match on Sunday, but told them, “please, get out of the ring.” The crowd chanted, “No.” Bryan was stern and told them again to get out of the ring. He made a Fatal 4-Way match with the other teams to determine the number one contenders then led a “Yes” chant. That was weird. Aside from Bryan swerving us for no reason, this segment was fine. I’m glad they put over the match and both teams.

Fatal 4-Way: Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin defeated Breezango, The Hype Bros and The Ascension to become Tag Team title number one contenders (9:17)

Benjamin and Gable won with their combo powerbomb/clothesline spot on Tyler Breeze. Fun match that was pretty much all action. There was a spot where the Ascension saved Breeze from getting double teamed which led to more dissension between Rawley and Ryder.

Dasha Fuentes was outside the locker room of “Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn” for an interview but she said they were making us wait. 

They recapped the match between Natalya and Charlotte Flair on Sunday. Backstage, Natalya hugged and kissed her title belt. Lana and Tamina joined and let her know it would belong to Tamina soon. Carmella jumped in to show off her briefcase. Natalya said they all deserved to be champion more than Charlotte.

Charlotte also happened to be nearby and confronted Natalya. Natalya asked if Charlotte was sad because she let down her pathetic father again. Charlotte attacked her but it was quickly broken up by officials. Naomi and Becky Lynch, who also happened to be nearby, fended off Tamina and Lana.

Baron Corbin told Renee Young it felt good to shove his new US title in the face of all the keyboard warriors, Tye Dillinger and AJ Styles. Corbin said Styles would be the one to squander an opportunity tonight. This felt especially scripted.

Becky Lynch defeated Carmella (w/James Ellsworth) (2:58)

Lynch suplexed Carmella out of the ring and then went after her. Carmella used Ellsworth as a shield and proceeded to kick Lynch’s leg out of her leg. Carmella briefly had control but Lynch quickly fought back and won with the Disarmer. The crowd liked Lynch. By the way, this was just the fourth televised singles match for Lynch since WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn promo 

The announcers said Shane has been released from the local medical facility and is resting at home. Greg Hamilton asked us to welcome the “victorious” Kevin Owens. Owens came out and got pretty good heat. His arm is wrapped up and he’s limping.

Owens said he did what he said he would and sent Shane McMahon to hell. Shane was gone for good, but Owens said he himself was almost gone too. Owens said his soul left his body and he could see the pearly gates, but he hates waiting in line, so he cut in front where Saint Peter told him they need Owens down on earth. Saint Peter provided him with his own guardian angel in Sami Zayn. Owens’ soul returned to his body and now we’re here in Kevin’s Heaven, or as he likes to call it, the Kevin Owens Show.

Owens introduced us to his best friend and guardian angel. A happy Sami Zayn waltzed out to the ring (to his same entrance music). The crowd didn’t seem to know how to react to him. Owens wanted to make it clear that he had no idea that Zayn was going to help him. Owens thanked Zayn from the bottom of his heart and the crowd booed.

Zayn said his eyes were opened when Owens powerbombed him on the apron. Zayn said he’s always tried to please the people but all that work brought him mediocrity. Meanwhile, he saw Owens become IC champion, Universal champion, and US champion.

Zayn was brought to SmackDown by Shane and was told he would be given the respect he deserved, but that was the last meeting he ever had with Shane. Zayn continued going to work with a smile on his face, but when he tried to warn Shane about Owens, he was brushed off. Zayn realized Shane never cared about him.

Zayn said he wanted Shane to win at HIAC, and he would have if he just pinned Owens after he fell off the side of the cage through the table. But when Shane went back to the top of the cell, Zayn realized Shane didn’t care about him or Owens. Zayn said Owens will always be his brother and he did the right thing.

Zayn said he realized Owens was right this whole time and thanked him. They hugged. They raised each other’s hands over and over for the crowd to applaud. Owens’ music played and they hugged again. This was quite good. Owens was especially good in the first part of this segment.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton defeated Rusev & Aiden English (5:58)

Orton made a hot tag to Nakamura, who ran wild on English with kicks and a knee strike in the corner. Orton gave Rusev an RKO and Nakamura finished off English with a Kinshasa for the win. This was exactly what it needed to be.

AJ Styles told Renee Young that Corbin didn’t actually beat him on Sunday but he understood that’s the nature of the beast. Styles knows Corbin is prone to mistakes and wondered what he had up to his sleeve to keep his title. Styles was ready and said it was the end of days for Corbin’s reign.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are together again. They cut a spooky promo. Now they carry hammers and call themselves “bludgeon brothers.” Are they going to smash people to death? This was… disappointing.

Bobby Roode came out for a promo. He said Sunday was glorious, at least until Dolph Ziggler decided to attack him from behind. Roode sternly challenged him to a fight. Ziggler came out. Ziggler tried to claim he had the better performance in their match and called Roode a cheater for using the tights. Roode said he just proved he was smarter than Ziggler.

Ziggler called himself the smartest man alive and demanded a rematch. Roode accepted, to no reaction from the crowd. One guy or both lost their place (it was probably Roode) and the segment stalled momentarily. Roode said he was sick of Ziggler’s talking and wanted the match now. Ziggler declined and walked off. This sucked.

Roode vs. Ziggler was announced for next week. 

U.S. Championship Match: Baron Corbin defeated AJ Styles (11:34)

No entrance for either guy. After Corbin slipped out of the ring, Styles hit a fantastic basement dropkick that launched Corbin over the announce table. The crowd chanted for Styles, who hit a forearm and fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a nearfall. Corbin followed with an impressive-looking Deep Six.

Styles tossed Corbin shoulder-first into the ringpost and followed with a Calf Crusher, but Corbin slammed his head into the mat. Styles slipped out of an End of Days and hit a Pele kick but Corbin fell to the outside. Styles tried a running kick on the apron but Corbin grabbed him and launched him onto the floor.

Corbin pulled Styles into the ring and nailed End of Days for the clean win. Good match. Styles looked great. Not a fan of Styles losing clean, but hopefully he's moving on to something better. 

Renee Young interviewed Corbin afterwards. Corbin told the fans they can all cry about it and he’ll buy a boat to float in their tears.