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7/17 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: WWE/NJPW/ROH Triangle, Divas Debut, mailbag, more~!

This week's show is GIANT SIZED to accomodate all the mailbag questions and the Battleground Prediction game.  Everyone wants to know what Les thought of the introduction of the new divas to the main roster; Les will give his thoughts on that and how he would've booked those debuts.  We'll briefly touch upon Jushin Liger being added to the NXT Brooklyn show and while there's no doubt WWE always wants to eliminate any competition, Vic will toss out a theory as to why WWE is throwing a monkey wrench into the New Japan/ROH relationship.  We'll also answer your questions on Patrick from Tough Enough, the chances of a long term foreign NWA Champ in the territory era, cutting weight as a bodybuilder as opposed to a fighter, why wrestlers are loudly calling spots these days (which leads to a very educational sidebar discussion) and midget wrestling (which leads to a pretty funny sidebar discussion).  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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