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Big Audio Nightmare: Adam's trip to ROH/NJPW, Super Juniors, more~!

The original alternative is back with 45 minutes of New Japan pro graps gooeyness! 

Some time has passed since the New Japan-Ring Of Honor joint show in Chicago Ridge, but it allowed Adam's thoughts to ferment like a cold bottle of Arbor Mist purchased at a gas station...and we're gonna open that bottle and let them flow right down your earhole. We talk the greatness of seeing some greats, the main event angle, unbridled joy for KAMAITACHI (and Dragon Lee too), Adam sees your 'Kyle O'Reilly as pioneer' argument - and then completely smashes it into dust, the first few days of NJ's Best of the Super Juniors, Chase, Will, Beretta, KUSHIDAMANIA, Pittsburgh's HBK line, and much more.

It's the radio show that wonders if other radio shows have ever put the Ronnie James Dio in radio; it's the latest edition of the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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