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Big Audio Nightmare: Mania week, Shibata and NJPW talk, hockey

The original alternate is back with a new show with topics including, but not limited to: the Las Vegas Golden Knights: will they be awful or "Colorado Avalanche awful?"

WRESTLEMANIA WEEK! discussion including: does Adam have any idea what is on the actual Mania card? Which wrestlers will be appearing on NINE SHOWS in one weekend? How has the proliferation of streaming options changed WrestleMania and, by extension, the entire pro wrestling landscape?

Also, we follow up on the New Japan Cup and preview Sakura Genesis, including...is Bad Luck Fale bad at being Bad Luck Fale? Is this the year of Shibata? Just how would Mike book a Tetsuya Naito face turn? Zack Sabre Jr. -- great man or GREAT MAN?

It's the radio show that answers the questions no one else would even care to ask...The Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO Nightmare, proudly here at F4Wonline.com.

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