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The original alternate is back to catch all of the feels on our 10th anniversary show. Well, not all of them as we didn't really expect to do a special when we hit record. But, enough feels to make you either tear up a bit, or soil yourself. Or both.

The nostalgia includes, but isn't limited to: changes in the biz and show over the years, remember when nothing happened in Japan?, why we do what we do, a meeting of the Inspirational Alan4L Appreciation Society, names like KEN 45, octopus, Turkish oil wrestling, porpoise slapping, some thoughts on Hayabusa, and much more. Upset we didn't mention Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend in one of several languages? Or RAMBONE~! Or Super Strong Sean Avery Machine?! (Just kidding, he's mentioned.) 

Don't worry, we'll catch back over decade number 2. Thanks everybody! It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDO NIGHTMARE!

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