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AEW and WWE NXT ratings both up, Dynamite back over 800k viewers

Image: AEW

Wednesday night's edition of AEW Dynamite averaged 831,000 viewers on TNT, up 11.2 percent from last week. Over on the USA Network, NXT was up 2.9 percent, averaging 734,000 viewers. 

In the 18-49 demo, Dynamite finished fifth on cable with a 0.35 rating, up 12.9 percent from last week.

NXT was also up in 18-49. The show drew a 0.18 rating in the demo, up 12.5 percent from last week. NXT finished 24th on cable in 18-49. Other than the week where Dynamite had technical difficulties on some platforms near the beginning of the show, this was the best number NXT has done so far in 2021. 

The demo categories were the same story as usual with AEW winning everything except people over 50, where NXT drew a 0.40 rating to Dynamite's 0.29. 

Dynamite doubled NXT in several other categories and nearly tripled NXT in people 18-34, where Dynamite drew a 0.17 rating and NXT drew a 0.06. Dynamite's best category was men 18-49. The show finished third overall on cable in that demo with a 0.47 rating, while NXT drew a 0.22. 

The combined audience of 1.565 million viewers was the most in all of 2021 and the best since December 16 of last year.

Year-over-year, Dynamite was down 3.9 percent in total viewers but up 16.7 percent in 18-49. That's an uncommon stat in television and means Dynamite's audience continues to skew much younger. 

NXT was up 2.4 percent in overall viewers year-over-year but down 21.7 percent in 18-49, which tells the opposite story of Dynamite's numbers.

The combined 18-49 rating of 0.53 is the exact same as this week last year, but obviously there was a lot of movement from NXT to AEW in that category. 

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of viewership totals and 18-49 demo numbers for both Dynamite and NXT: