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AEW Dynamite ranks first on cable in demo, tops one million viewers

Wednesday's Blood & Guts edition of AEW Dynamite topped one million viewers and finished first for the night on cable in the key demo.

Last night's Dynamite was headlined by The Pinnacle defeating The Inner Circle in AEW's first-ever Blood & Guts match. The show averaged 1.090 million viewers on TNT, up 22.6 percent from the 889,000 viewers that last week's episode averaged. Last week's Dynamite was impacted by going against President Joe Biden's address to congress.

Dynamite drew a 0.42 rating in the 18-49 demo last night. That's up 27.3 percent from last week's 0.33 rating.

Dynamite finished ahead of part two of MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents reunion special to take the top spot on cable in the 18-49 demo. The Challenge special drew a 0.32 rating in the demo last night.

This is the first time Dynamite has topped the night on cable in the show's history. It's the second-best rating Dynamite has drawn in the 18-49 demo in 2021. The show did a 0.44 rating on April 14, which was the first Dynamite episode since NXT moved to Tuesday nights.

Here's a look at how Dynamite fared in the individual demo categories as compared to last week:

  • People 18-49: 0.42 (up 27.3 percent)
  • Women 18-49; 0.27 (up 17.4 percent)
  • Men 18-49: 0.58 (up 34,9 percent)
  • People 18-34; 0.19 (up 18.7 percent)
  • Females 12-34: 0.10 (down 23.1 percent)
  • Males 12-34: 0.22 (up 69.2 percent)
  • People 25-54: 0.50 (up 31.6 percent)
  • People 50+: 0.43 (up 16.2 percent)

Year-over-year, Dynamite was up 49 percent in viewership, up 50 percent in the 18-49 demo, and up 11.8 percent in 18-34.

Here's a chart looking at the last 11 weeks of Dynamite ratings, along with the 10-week averages prior to this week (chart made by Paul Fontaine):