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AEW Dynamite ratings down, still above 1.1 million viewers

Image: AEW

Last night's AEW Dynamite averaged 1.104 million viewers on TNT, down 9.4 percent from last week. 

In the 18-49 demo, Dynamite finished second on the cable charts behind MTV's The Challenge. Dynamite drew a 0.37 rating in 18-49, down 15.9 percent from last week. The Challenge drew a 0.58 rating in that demo for its season finale, so Dynamite should be able to get at least some of that audience next week. 

With no NBA games on ESPN, Dynamite did top the charts in the men 18-49 category with a 0.50 rating. ESPN aired a baseball game that averaged 835,000 viewers overall and drew a 0.25 in 18-49 and a 0.37 with men of that age group. 

The individual ratings categories were all down -- and some significantly -- from last week, so it's likely Mike Tyson's appearance had a big effect on last week's numbers. But this week was still well above what most people were expecting Dynamite would do with NXT moving and this was still the third-largest audience in the history of the show.

The 18-49 number is well above what Dynamite had been doing recently, but Dynamite has done at or above that number many times, even with competition. The increased audience seems to be a lot of older viewers, as the 25-54 and 50+ demo numbers held up much better than everything else. 

Here are the individual demo numbers with comparisons to last week and one year ago at this time. Total viewers were up 51 percent from last year when the show was going head-to-head with NXT:

  • People 18-49: 0.37 (down 15.9 percent from last week, up 48 percent from last year)
  • Females 18-49: 0.25 (down 21.9 percent from last week, up 25 percent from last year)
  • Men 18-49: 0.50 (down 9.1% from last week, up 61.3 percent from last year)
  • People 18-34: 0.17 (down 34.6 percent from last week, up 30.8 percent from last year)
  • Females 12-34: 0.14 (down 26.3 percent from last week, up 27.3 percent from last year)
  • Males 12-34: 0.15 (down 34.8 percent from last week, up 7.1 percent from last year)
  • People 25-54: 0.45 (down 10 percent from last week, up 55.2 percent from last year)
  • People over 50: 0.48 (down four percent from last week, up 60 percent from last year)

Here's a look at the last 11 weeks of viewership data and demo ratings for Dynamite, along with the 10-week average prior to this week: