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AEW Dynamite tops 1.2 million viewers with no NXT competition

Image: AEW

On the first week following the end of the Wednesday Night Wars, AEW Dynamite averaged 1.219 million viewers on TNT, up a gigantic 77.2 percent from last week. 

The show finished second on the cable TV charts in the 18-49 demo. It drew a 0.44 rating in the demo, up 57.1 percent from last week. 

The viewership was the highest since Dynamite's premiere episode in October 2019 and the 18-49 number was the second-best since that month. 

Demos were up across the board, but the biggest gaining category was people over 50. That's likely due to a combination of no competition from NXT (since that was NXT's strongest demo) and Mike Tyson appearing on the show. This was the second straight week that Tyson has appeared on Dynamite.

On average, Dynamite was up more with women than men.

Here are the other major demo categories:

  • Females 18-49: 0.32 (up 77.8 percent)
  • Men 18-49: 0.55 (up 44.7 percent)
  • People 18-34: 0.26 (up 73.3 percent)
  • Females 12-34: 0.19 (up 72.7 percent)
  • Males 12-34: 0.23 (up 53.3 percent)
  • People 25-54: 0.50 (up 51.5 percent)
  • People over 50: 0.50 (up 108.3 percent)

Dynamite topped all of cable with men 18-49. That's despite the fact that two NBA games aired on ESPN and parts of both were directly opposite the show. 

The year-over-year numbers were obviously very strong. Dynamite was up 78.4 percent in viewership and up 76 percent in 18-49. The biggest increase year-over-year was females 12-34, where the show was up 111 percent. 

Here's a look at the last 11 weeks of overall viewership and key demo numbers for Dynamite, along with the 10-week rolling average prior to this week as a comparison point: