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AEW Dynamite tops one million viewers for third straight week

Image: AEW. Source: Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics

Last night's AEW Dynamite averaged 1,108,000 viewers on TNT, down 3.5 percent from last week. It's still the fourth-highest viewership the show has drawn since premiering in October 2019.

In the 18-49 demo, Dynamite drew a 0.45 rating, up 2.3 percent from last week. The actual viewership number in that category was 582,000 as compared to 575,000 last week.

The 18-49 number matched the third-highest rating that Dynamite has ever drawn in the demo. It's the show's best number of 2021 thus far.

It's notable that the 18-49 audience for Dynamite was higher than the overall viewership for this week's NXT, which was 520,000. Of course, NXT aired on a different channel than usual this Tuesday night, but that's still an impressive stat.

Olympic coverage on NBC has not affected pro wrestling ratings as much as had been expected. The audiences are large compared to other programming but way down from what past Olympics have done.

Year-over-year, Dynamite was up 43.3 percent in overall viewership and up 50 percent in the 18-49 demo. It's the third straight week that Dynamite's year-over-year increases in both categories have been 30 percent or more.

As compared to the 10-week average, as shown in the chart below, this week's Dynamite was up 11 percent in overall viewership and up 21.6 percent in 18-49. So, the overall viewership increases are being driven by younger people: