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AEW Rampage draws lowest ratings to date

Source: ShowBuzz Daily. Image: AEW.

Friday night's AEW Rampage averaged 622,000 viewers on TNT, down 14.4 percent from last week's first-hour average and down 2.8 percent from the two-hour average. It's Rampage's lowest viewership to date.

In the 18-49 demo, Rampage drew a 0.25 rating, down 21.9 percent from last week's first hour and down 10.7 percent from the two-hour average. It actually matched the second hour of last week's Grand Slam episode, which ended at midnight. It's also the lowest number in that category that Rampage has ever done.

The drops were across the board in all categories. Surprisingly, the demo that held up best was people over 50, where the drop was only 4.2 percent.

Rampage finished third on cable in the 18-49 demo, trailing college football on FS1 and Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.

Listed below are the overall viewership number and individual demo ratings for Rampage since the show debuted: