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AEW Rampage ratings down from previous week

Source: ShowBuzz Daily

Friday night's episode of AEW Rampage averaged 533,000 viewers on TNT, down 7.8 percent from the previous week's show. It's the second-lowest viewership number Rampage has drawn in its history.

In the 18-49 demo, Rampage drew a 0.22 rating, down 8.3 percent from the previous week. This is also the second-lowest rating an episode of Rampage has drawn in 18-49.

Rampage finished ninth on the cable charts in the demo. An MLB American League Championship Series game on FS1 averaged nearly six million viewers to top the charts, and an NBA game on ESPN averaged 1.7 million viewers. Rampage went head-to-head with portions of both games.

Taking away the sports competition, Rampage would have finished second on the charts behind Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.

As compared to the 10-week average for the show, as shown in the chart below, Rampage was down 22.1 percent in overall viewers and down 26.7 percent in the 18-49 demo.