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AEW & WWE NXT ratings: Dynamite wins return to Wednesday war

Image: AEW

Last night's AEW Dynamite on TNT averaged 886,000 viewers, down 12.8 percent from last week but up almost 10 percent from the last time the show aired head-to-head with NXT. 

NXT was also up from the previous head-to-head battle, averaging 689,000 viewers. That's down 17.8 percent from running unopposed last Tuesday night but up 11 percent from the last head-to-head week on August 12. 

With no NBA or NHL competition and news shows with a normal level of audience, Dynamite finished third on cable in the 18-49 demo on the night with a 0.34 rating. That's down 8.1 percent from last week but up six percent from August 12.

NXT managed a 0.18 rating in the demo, finishing 31st on cable. It was down 15 percent from last week but up 12.5 percent from August 12

In the other demo categories, it was the usual with AEW winning everything except people over 50, where NXT had a 0.36 to 0.32 advantage. 

in women 18-49, AEW had a 0.23 rating to NXT's 0.13. In men 18-49, AEW doubled NXT with a 0.46 rating to NXT's 0.23. AEW was number one on cable in that demo. 

In people 18-34, AEW had a huge advantage with a 0.24 rating to NXT's 0.10. AEW topped all of cable in that demo as well. In females 12-34, AEW had an advantage of 0.15 to 0.06. In males of the same age group, AEW drew a 0.26 rating and NXT drew a 0.14. AEW also topped cable in that category. 

In people 25-54, AEW had a 0.38 rating to NXT's 0.22. 

The combined audience of 1.575 million viewers was down 15.2 percent from last week when both shows aired on different nights but up 11.6 percent from the last time both aired on Wednesday. 

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of overall viewership for both Dynamite and NXT along with 18-49 demo ratings: