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Hangman Page returns to AEW, wins Casino Ladder Match

Hangman Page returned to AEW tonight, winning the Casino Ladder Match to become the next contender for the AEW World Championship.

Page was introduced as the mystery entrant in tonight's Casino Ladder Match. The finish came down to Page and Jon Moxley. Page was climbing up the ladder when Moxley attacked him with a chair. Moxley met Page at the top, but Moxley soon fell to punches, allowing Page to get the poker chip to win the match and setting up a future match against champion Kenny Omega.

During the first commercial break of Rhodes to the Top, Tony Schiavone interviewed Page, asking when he would cash in his AEW World title opportunity. Page didn’t say much about the title match or the situation with him and the Dark Order, instead saying he just came back and wanted to focus on drinking.

Page was last seen at AEW Homecoming on August 4, where the Elite laid him out after he confronted Omega. He took time off as his wife was about to give birth.