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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Mile High City'

being the elite 194

The latest edition of Being the Elite chronicles events that took place the day of AEW Dynamite in Broomfield, Colorado. 

Some highlights include:

  • Matt Jackson was working as a barista, serving drinks to "Pirate Party," "Lince Urcher," and "Trent Baretta, Trent Beretta, Trent Bearetta, Trent?"
  • Kenny Omega fed french fries to geese, because Matt said they needed a "wholesome segment."
  • Chuck Taylor and Frankie Kazarian played basketball. 
  • Matt said Nick Jackson was not medically cleared after Revolution and would not be on BTE this week. 
  • As Matt set up his "coffee shop," he had flashbacks to the Hardy compound and the latest "Free the Delete" video. Brandon Cutler asked Matt what happened at the compound and Matt said he's not sure. 
  • Colt Cabana made an appearance and interrupted dialogue between Hangman Page and Omega.
  • Public Swole Announcement: Don't put raisins in potato salad. Also, don't be afraid of salt and pepper. 
  • Billy Gunn said that he was afraid that he and his son Austin were not connecting and visited a tarot card reader. 
  • Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler, and Michael Nakazawa had an argument over which of them was the worst wrestler in AEW. Matt entered and had another flashback to Hardy's compound. 
  • Brandon Cutler played a song from Aladdin on piano. 
  • Hangman confronted Matt and Cody and said he had earned the right to leave The Elite and he would not have their back again. Even after that, he expressed concern over Nick's well being, casting doubt on whether or not he is standing by his decision.