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AEW Dark results and video: The Young Bucks in action

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The Big News: The Young Bucks continued the respective losing streaks of Peter Avalon & QT Marshall in the main event.


Tony Schiavone introduced this week's episode of AEW Dark from a quiet spot backstage.


Kris Statlander defeated Diamante

Now that the Nightmare Collective is no more, Statlander has lost her angle, but she was back here to do battle with former LAX member Diamante. Statlander booped referee Rick Knox, which is when she touches their nose. She spent a minute teasing doing it to Diamante before being smacked away.

Statlander took her down, stuck Diamante's finger in her mouth, and then gave her a wet willie. Please no one show this to Jim Cornette.

We broke down into a serious wrestling match as Statlander used a gorilla press to drop Diamante on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring. Statlander used a nice German suplex and picked up the win with the Big Bang Theory.


Best Friends (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated The Hybrid 2

Earlier today on the AEW media call, Cody called Jack Evans one of the most underrated wrestlers in AEW. Evans showed off his athleticism early and bragged to the crowd about it, which got him booed. Trent used a nice Northern Lights suplex when Evans tried diving over the top rope into the ring.

Angelico and Chuck Taylor tagged in. Taylor got the best of it, so Angelico went outside and punched Orange Cassidy, a man wearing glasses, right in the face! Best Friends ran out for the save, but Evans dove off the top rope and then stomped on Cassidy for good measure. The fans chanted Jesus, since the guy dressed like Jesus was in the crowd.

Trent used a tornado DDT to get away from his foe and make the hot tag to Taylor. Taylor ran wild on both members of TH2, including giving Evans a pop-up powerbomb on Angelico and hitting a spinning Liger Bomb on Evans.

A crazy four-way broke out, with both members of both teams running wild. Evans went up top and suddenly Cassidy rose from the ashes and violently began striking Evans in the legs. I do not know how Evans maintained his balance while getting struck like that. Anyhoo, TH2 ended up crotching themselves on the ropes and Best Friends finished them off with a Strong Zero.


Big Swole defeated Christi Jaynes

Jaynes is from Brazil, trained in Mexico, and was making her AEW debut here. We started with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, which was such an even matchup that they went around the ring with neither wrestler gaining the advantage and it ended in a stalemate.

Swole was dominating after that, but Jaynes stepped aside on a charge and used a step-up enzuigiri where she ran up the ropes ala Fenix. Swole battled back and hit a pretty nice cutter that she hit as she stepped through the ropes. She then picked up the win with a ripcord elbow called Dirty Dancing.


The Young Bucks defeated QT Marshall & Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates)

Wasn't I just talking last week about how we hadn't see either Librarian in a while? Marshall and Avalon have a combined record of 0-12, so maybe what they lack as individuals they can make up with being a tag team. Speaking of tag teams, where is Shawn Spears? Has he stopped looking for a partner?

The Young Bucks were hoping to pull out the hammer and nails and begin to build momentum leading into tomorrow night's gigantic tag team battle royal. Trust me, that's not the corniest joke I have.

Marshall and Nick Jackson exchanged counters, with both men flipping and rolling through moves. Avalon took the mic and began booing both, including his partner, for not doing actual wrestling.

Matt Jackson and Avalon tagged in and Avalon got taken down with a drop toe hold. Matt took the mic and asked if the crowd wanted to see a double hip toss. They did it and then led the crowd in a chant of “That was awesome."

Marshall did agree to tag in despite everything that had happened, but Avalon came in for a sneak attack on Matt and then tagged himself back in. Matt was draped across the middle rope and while Avalon distracted the referee, Leva Bates jumped up and tried to show Matt the book she was reading. He pushed it away, which offended Bates, who hit Matt in the knee with it.

Matt hit eight straight Northern Lights suplexes on Avalon, with the last one including Marshall, who tried to break it up. Nick got the hot tag and used the Sharpshooter at one point. Since the referee wouldn't just ring the damn bell, Bates pushed the bottom rope closer to Avalon to break it up.

Avalon got a handful of tights for a near fall and then went for Bates' book, but Marshall broke it up and threw the book away. Avalon punched Marshall, got superkicked and hit with a Meltzer Driver, and the Bucks picked up the win.


Final Thoughts: If nothing else, the main event was fun -- so watch the show just for that.