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AEW Dark results: Luther vs. Jimmy Havoc, eight more matches

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Excalibur and Taz were the commentary team for this show. Dasha Gonzalez did the ring announcing.

Colt Cabana defeated Shawn Dean

This was a fine little opener. I had no idea why they were going so long at the outset but the extended opening sequence played into the story of the match.

Bryce Remsburg was the referee for this bout. He wore a mask. 

They opened with a long sequence of British-style mat wrestling. Cabana tied up Dean in various holds. Dean got tired of being outclassed on the mat and fired up with strikes. 

Dean hit a straight right hand and covered for a one count. Cabana answered with flip, flop and fly and a flying apple. 

The finish saw Cabana launch himself out of the corner into a Superman pin on Dean. 

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy w/ Marko Stunt) defeated Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed

This was quick. Jungle Boy looked great with his dives. Luchasaurus was moving well. 

Mike Posey reffed this match and also wore a mask. 

Jungle Boy opened with a series of spectacular dives. Luchasaurus hit a tail whip. Dean and Rembrandt cut off Jungle Boy for the heat. 

Rembrandt hit a belly-to-belly for a near fall. Jungle Boy made his comeback on Reed and made a hot tag to Luchasaurus. 

Luchasaurus hit a yakuza kick on Rembrandt. He used a headbutt to set up a chokeslam and a standing moonsault on Reed for a near fall. 

The finish saw Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy use an elevated assisted cutter for the pin on Reed. 

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) defeated Musa & Lee Johnson

Private Party looked good in the opening and closing segments of the match. They looked super green when Quen was selling and when Kassidy was making a comeback. They probably just need a few matches to get their timing back. 

Aubrey Edwards refereed in a mask. 

Quen hit a slingshot senton at the outset. He hit an assisted double stomp and an assisted dropkick as well. Quen hit a knee strike and a dropkick on Johnson. 

Musa pulled down the top rope which sent Quen to the floor. Johnson hit a great tope and his team went to work on Quen. 

Quen blocked a sunset flip attempt and managed a tag to Kassidy. Kassidy ran wild with kicks and a cutter. Quen got a tag and hit a diving splash over the top rope to the ramp. 

The finish saw Kassidy hit a flatliner. Quen tagged in and hit a shooting star press for the pin on Johnson. 

10 defeated Jon Cruz

This was a squash match. 10 is very green and not ready for any kind of push. 

10 hit a pump kick and a flatliner. Cruz rolled to the floor to regroup. 10 missed a charge on the floor and ran his shoulder into the ring steps. 

10 made his way back inside. Cruz hit one kick before 10 cut him off. 

10 used a spinebuster for the pin. 

After the match, Mr. Brodie Lee made his way to the stage and applauded 10. 

Rey Fenix defeated Alan Angels

This match ruled!

Fenix is absolutely spectacular. He also gave Angels a ton of offense which was extremely selfless. Fenix should be on Angels' Christmas card list after this one.  

They opened with chain wrestling. Angels grabbed two quick near falls off cradles. Fenix hit a dropkick and cut Angels off. 

Fenix used a series of chops to the neck. Fenix hit a massive missile dropkick for a two count. Angels answered with three kicks and hit a modified powerbomb for a close near fall. 

Fenix hit a kick to the knee of Angels as he rolled to the apron. Angels dropped Fenix on the apron with a lariat. Angels hit a diving double stomp off the top and used a moonsault for a near fall. 

Fenix hit a series of crazy springboard moves before using a spinning muscle buster for the pin. 

Kris Statlander defeated Dani Jordyn

Statlander obviously has all the potential in the world but we are watching her learn her craft on global TV. There are going to be growing pains and this match was an example of that. This just didn't work. 

Statlander missed a senton and Jordyn used a crucifix for a near fall. Statlander used a sunset flip for a near fall. 

Statlander booped Jordyn. 

Jordyn sent Statlander into the barricade. Back in the ring, Jordyn used an uppercut and a mare for a two count. Statlander answered with a back elbow in the corner. 

Statlander hit a running knee which sent Jordyn outside. Statlander hit a dropkick through the ropes and Jordyn hit the barricade. 

Statlander hit something resembling a Pele kick. Jordyn went for something or other but had to adjust her grip on Statlander. Statlander booped her again. 

Statlander then immediately hit the Big Bang Theory for the pin. 

Orange Cassidy (w/ Chuck Taylor and Trent) defeated Jason Cade

This was extremely short but they managed to work in a few trademark Cassidy spots. 

Taylor and Trent unfurled Orange Cassidy beach towels during the entrance. 

Cassidy teased his pockets spot but Cade blocked it. Cassidy used a wristlock with one arm and put his other hand in his pocket. 

Cade ripped off Cassidy's sunglasses. Cassidy hit a dropkick with his hands in his pockets. Trent handed Cassidy another pair of sunglasses. 

Cassidy used a chinlock and gave the thumbs up. Cade turned the thumb downward and Cassidy sold like he was enraged. 

Cade hit a back elbow and a jumping knee. 

Cassidy trapped Cade's arm and stacked him up for the pin. 

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. defeated Skyler Moore

I was not a huge fan of the Baker heel turn. I was wrong. She is a natural heel and has come into her own as a performer since turning. 

They went to lock up. Moore hit Baker in the nose. Baker stepped to the ropes and complained that Moore hurt her nose and broke one of her fingernails in the same spot. 

Baker went into rage mode after being irritated by the opening spot. Baker said "If you mess with my nails, I'll break your face."

Baker stretched Moore around a ring post. Baker used a headscissors on the mat, then used a chicken wing. 

Moore went for a sunset flip but Baker blocked. Moore used an inside cradle for a near fall. Baker hit a shin strike to the face and a spinning neckbreaker. 

The finish saw Baker ask the referee for a latex glove. Baker put the glove on and locked on Lockjaw. Moore tapped out. 

Jimmy Havoc (w/ Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford) defeated Luther in a no DQ Match

This was just okay. 

Sabian distracted Luther from the apron. Havoc attacked off the distraction. Havoc bit Luther's hands. Luther hit a fallaway slam. Sabian passed Havoc a chair. Luther punched the chair. 

Havoc teased Pillman-izing Luther's left arm. Luther escaped and threw the chair at Havoc. Luther hit a senton off the post to the floor onto Havoc and Sabian. Luther continued to beat Havoc around ringside. 

In the ring, Luther hit a pump kick. Luther used a chair. Sabian tried to pass Havoc a chair but Luther intercepted it. Luther hit a hip toss on Havoc onto a chair. 

Luther hit a slam on a chair for a two count. Luther hit a snap suplex for another two count. 

Luther set up two chairs. He laid Havoc across the chairs and climbed to the middle rope. Sabian cut Luther off. 

Havoc tried a hurricanrana off the top onto the chairs but they over shot the chairs an Luther flew over them. Havoc used a chair and hit a double stomp. 

Luther came back with a hip toss on the stage. Luther hit a springboard bulldog on a chair for a near fall. 

Luther used a camel clutch while fish-hooking Havoc's eyes. Ford threw a bottle of water on Luther to distract him. This led to the finish. 

Ford took the referee. I don't know why Ford had to take the ref in a no DQ match. 

Sabian jumped on the apron and threw a chair at Luther's head. Havoc then hit Luther with an implant DDT for the pin.